Television Stuff

I know I have not written about TV shows in two weeks, but I figured this week would be a good one.  Where shall I start?

The Event
I have no idea if I want to watch this show or not.  Are the people aliens or something?  Do I actually care?  The jumping around got on my nerves.  Flashbacks worked for Lost, but just bouncing around with characters is not very interesting.

At least Sarah Roemer is really hot.  Maybe we can just watch her in a bikini every week.  Better than nothing, right?

The season premiere of House was pretty good.  It picked up right where the finale left off.  House and Cuddy have sex.  He starts to over-analyze things, but by the end of the episode he says he loves her.  Awe.

It was funny watching his team try to solve the neurosurgeon problem.  Did Thirteen actually leave the team?  Or will she be back?  Is this one of those things that Olivia Wilde realizes she is super-hot and needs to be doing movies (hopefully porn).

Sons of Anarchy
Gemma and Tara accidentally kill Officer Ramirez (I have no idea what the caregivers name was, but she played Ramirez in the Dark Knight).  Tig calls a cleaner and it turns out to be Stephen King!  How awesome was that?

Jax and the club prepare to head up to Canada.  They set up a party with the Asians, Opie has his girlfriend bring some of her porn friends down, but Opie gets pissed when he sees her with one of the guys (she volunteered to help Jax).  A brawl ensues.

Cherry learns that Half-Sack is dead (she was living in Ireland with the lady who has Abel).  The Sons of Anarchy Belfast crew stop by her place and ask if she knows anything.  She says no, but she wants Cherry to get in touch with Gemma.  I guess she was going to help give them Abel.  Or maybe not, it seems like she was in love with John Teller.

The season premiere was pretty good.  It turns out that not only did Sam come back, but also Samuel (the Winchester’s grandfather).  A couple of djinn attack Dean and that is how he learns about Sam being alive.  They reunite for a battle against the djinn. Naturally they win, but in the end Dean decides to stay with Lisa and Ben.  Good for him.  It will not last.

The best thing though is that the supernaturals are acting different.  Werewolves out during half-moons, nocturnal creatures in the daylight, and all knew creatures.  Seems like it could be pretty fun.  Also, Samuel and his boys seem to be doing something shady, why did they capture the female djinn?  She was pretty hot too.  Hope she turns up soon.
Mad Men
Last week Mrs. Blankenship died.  Roger naturally makes this statement:  “She died like she lived, surrounded by the people she answered phones for.”  And then Bert gives this great line:  “She was born in 1898 in a barn. She died on the 37th floor of a skyscraper. She was an astronaut.”

Roger and Joan had sex after being mugged.  It was creepy and sexy at the same time.  It turns out that Faye is not a child psychologist and that Sally is constantly creepy.

This week Lane decided to be absolutely weird by taking his dad and Don to the Playboy Club to meet his girlfriend.  Roger apparently knocked up Joan and then got a lecture from a doctor.  And Don has the Defense Department looking into his past because of the aviation contract.  Don threatening to leave almost caused Pete to shit his pants.

Don’s lies almost cause him to have a heart attack, but Dr. Faye saves him (or listens while he pukes).  Later he tells her the truth about himself.  I think Don may have found his equal.

Why is there a picture of Roger?  Well he learns that Lucky Strike is dropping them.  He realizes how worthless he would be without that account.  He starts calling people in his Rolodex, but finds out that one of his old friends is dead now.   Then at the partner meeting he explodes on Pete for losing the aviation account (Don told him to), he even dropped at F-bomb (they bleeped him out).  He did not tell anyone though.

The show ends with Don getting the Beatles tickets from his secretary Megan after Dr. Faye leaves.  He stares at her for a second and you can tell that he wonders if he should go for Faye or maybe after Megan.  Megan was good with Sally and did everything she could to make up for the mistake she made (she did not make a mistake, but Don treated her like she did).  Very interesting.

Boardwalk Empire
I think this show is going to be great.  Sometimes it feels like a Coen Brothers movie.  The thing I really love though, is that it is before Mad Men.  It is funny how the country changed from that era to the 60s.  And how things did not change at all.

In the second episode Jimmy gets a blowjob by asking his wife to “do that French thing.”  She responds with “oh, you want me to use my mouth?”  Hahaha.  By the 1960s, sweet coeds were going down on partners of ad agencies in the back of taxi cabs, now that is progress!

The ending was pretty great.  It reminded me of Louis CK’s joke about the saddest form of sex.  That girl giving the guy a handjob was about as pathetic as it gets.  Only a half dead guy could ruin it.