The Naked God

I finally finished The Naked God by Peter F. Hamilton.  As with the other two books, this would be way too hard to even remotely explain what was happening.  You should just read it for yourself.  I want to discuss the last bit from the book, so if you plan on reading it, you should stop reading now.

Joshua goes out with Syrinx to find the Sleeping God, who they believe can help them solve the Beyond problem.  What they find is a construct, a naked singularity, which was created by some other race.  This thing is basically a god.  It shows Joshua how the possessed came into being for humans.  It also agrees to help humanity.

Joshua uses it’s power to remove the possessed.  He also moves all the Confederation planets to another part of the galaxy and within proximity of each other that they will not need the kind of flight they currently use or the type of government structure.  They will have to start focusing their intellect on solving all their problems.  Once they begin to achieve that, then they will basically evolve to a higher level (like the Kiint).

The cool thing I loved was the idea that the people’s souls in the Beyond were able to get themselves out of the Beyond.  This seems like the reason that most of the people who came back were bad people in their previous life (or at least they believed themselves to be bad).  Much like what Death explains in an issue of Sandman…

I also loved how Joshua mentions at the end that all the world’s religions were trying to claim the Naked God as part of their beliefs.  Always funny how religions continue on, even in the face of science…

Anyways, who would I cast in a movie of this epic series?  Let us take a look.

Joshua Calvert

Joshua is described as a lovable rogue.  He is genetically engineered to be a better space captain.  Girls find him smokin’ hot.  He is charming and reckless.  How about Josh Duhamel from the Transformers movies.  Or from Las Vegas.  If you ever watched LV, you would know that Danny fit those traits.  Also, the scene in the first book when Joshua meets Syrinx and she is so irritated by how smug and how idiotic he acts, it reminded me of the many times in LV when Danny would act the same way.

And would you look at that?  Ladies you can say thank you.  How often is it that I put pictures of guys on here for you?

Another captain, only she is an Edenist.  I had a lot of trouble picturing her.  She has to be someone attractive, yet also kind of muscular.  Her body is designed to hold up under heavy G-force.

The more I think about it, the more I could see Uma Thurman in the role.  I have no clue if this is how she is described in the book.  I figure she must be tall and Uma certainly fits the bill.  She could pull it off.

Quinn Dexter
Honestly, I cannot picture any actor portraying him.  He needs to look like somewhat scary.  I am sure after some makeup, they could easily turn someone from a slacker into a scary Antichrist figure.  The more thought I put into it though, I keep seeing Devon Sawa.  No clue why either.  Maybe it is his voice…

Louise Kavanagh
The hot girl from a pastoral planet who Joshua impregnates.  She then goes on to have many of her own adventures and in the end goes up against Quinn Dexter.

Hot and young?  Emma Watson.  She can do a naive girl who still acts like it is the 1800s.  Plus she would be somewhat believable surviving against Dexter.

Dr. Alkad Mzu
The scary doctor who created a doomsday weapon that caused everyone so much trouble.  She comes from Kenyan-ethnic planet (I think that is what they said at some point).  I kept picture Gina Torres from Firefly, but with shorter hair.  

Ralph Hilch
The Kulu ESA agent working at Lalonde.  At first I kept thinking he might be a short, fat, dumpy kind of guy.  The more you see him in action, you realize he is not that way at all.  Highly intelligent and very skilled in combat.

Then I lucked out.  I was watching White Collar and Tim DeKay fit the bill.  He comes off at times like he is somewhat incompetent and a bit of a desk jockey.  Then you see him in action and realize he is actually in good shape and a very good FBI Agent.  I think he would pull off Hilch’s determined/stubborn approach on getting rid of the possessed quite well.

Ione Saldana
The beautiful Lord of Ruin.  She runs the Tranquility habitat.  She also has a thing for Joshua.  She is described as hot and very young looking.  That was the problem at the beginning of the series.  She fears that people will not take her seriously when she announces that she is the Lord of Ruin.  From the first description of her, I imagined Nora Zehetner.  I do not know why, but I am extremely attracted to her.

Marie Skibbow/Kiera Salter
Marie is an 18 year old extremely hot girl.  So hot in fact that when Kiera possesses her, she decides not to change the body.  She has red hair, green eyes, fantastic body.

She needs to be ungrateful and slightly spoiled as Marie, but then as Kiera she needs to be manipulative and a complete bitch.  I am picturing Isla Fisher.