This Week’s Lack of Television

I guess most shows were not on this week.  Fortunately, Mad Men was awesome enough to make up for everything else.

This episode had everything.  Here are some of the highlights:

-Roger begging Don to come out to the bar because he is stuck with Freddy and another non-alcoholic.  Don would rather stay and work on the Samsonite campaign.

-Don throwing up.  We have seen Roger throw up, but never Don.  I figured he was immune to puking.

-Peggy breaking up with her boyfriend and then get into a nice fight with Don.  He then makes fun of her and tells her that she is 20-something and she needs to get over birthdays.

-Don and Peggy find Roger’s tapes.  They listen to one and Roger talks about how Bert hated him because of his sexual prowess.  Apparently Roger banged Bert’s secretary back in the day, who is the old lady that is Don’s current secretary.  Also, Bert had his balls removed.

-Duck is hammered and shows up at SCDP trying to woo Peggy.  He got fired from his firm and is now insanely drunk.  He is going to take a dump on Don’s couch (it is actually Roger’s couch).  Peggy stops him and when Don comes out of the bathroom they get into a tussle after Duck calls Peggy a whore.  Duck actually puts Don to the ground.  Insane.

-Anna died.  Don cried.  He and Peggy bond.  It was sweet.