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I was so excited for this episode.  Stark returns?  Yes, that is the greatest moment ever.  And then after a few minutes, we realize that Stark is just Carter’s hallucination.  It was great while it lasted though.  I really missed Stark’s constant jokes about Carter being stupid.

Some other stuff happened as well.  Zoe is dating Zane.  Jo thought she was confronting her hallucination of Zane, but instead it was the real Zane.  Fargo grew a set of balls and stood up to the General.  Oh and whatever the major crisis was solved.

When will Don bang Faye?

Mad Men
This was an awesome episode.  Don and the team head to the CLEO awards, where Don wins an award for his Glo-Coat commercial.  When they find out that the Life people are stuck in Philadelphia, they decide to start pregaming for the award show.  Naturally, the gang drinks heavily at the ceremony (so does Duck Phillips, who makes a fool of himself).  They get a message that the Life people have shown up and want to do the pitch meeting now.  Don is a little drunk and wants to have the meeting.

At the beginning of the episode, Don and Peggy give Roger’s wife’s cousin an interview, which is pretty funny.  His portfolio is a joke.  Most of the stuff is other people’s work that he admires, and all his ideas revolve around the same idea.  During the Life meeting, drunk Don starts rattling off slogans and steals one of the kid’s lame ideas.  Life loves it.  Don later is forced to hire him.  It was great watching Peggy stand up to him.

After the meeting, they go back out and continue drinking.  Don gets blasted.  He strikes out with Faye, takes some other girl home.  Wakes up in bed with some different girl.  He also finds out that it is no longer Saturday, but instead Sunday.  Apparently, after girl one, he went out some more and kept partying.  Who hasn’t had a drinking binge like that?

Roger remembers how he met Don Draper.  Apparently, Roger came in to buy Joan a fur coat.  He saw Don’s ad on the wall and gave him his card.  Don thought that was a job opportunity.  He came to the office and Roger wanted nothing to do with him.  Don offered to take him out for drinks (Roger scoffs at the idea at drinking at 10 a.m., who is this Roger?).  Roger gets pretty bombed before noon.  The next day Don shows up at the office.  Roger asks why he is back.  Don says that Roger hired him.  Classic Don manipulating his way into a job.

True Blood
I almost wish that Sam could have been out with Don and Roger.  He would have been the angry drunk to complete their group.  Roger was morose, Don was the horndog…Sam could have been the pissed off dude.  It was actually kind of sad the way he treated Tommy and then how Tommy reacted.  The whole apologizing and being upset thing.  Then he breaks into Sam’s safe.  Great job Tommy.

Eric offers Sookie to Russell, with the promise of being a daywalker.  I really hope Blade shows up to kick Russell’s ass.  Turns out though that Eric has a plan.  They drink Sookie’s blood and take a stroll outside.  Eric fails to mention that they needed to drink all of her blood.  They are only immune to the sun for a few minutes.  Eric handcuffs Russell with silver cuffs and plans to die alongside him.  I am guessing that Eric will survive though.  I mean he is probably the most popular character on the show.

And finally Jason was hilarious as usual when being stupid.  “So you are like a werewolf, but a panther?”  Crystal:  “Yes, a werepanther.”  Although, his discovery that his rival high school QB is using V was pretty cool.  Interesting idea, since it cannot be tested for, how would something like that change professional sports?  Maybe that is Pujols secret…

My brother pointed out that the weird new waitress was a waitress at Monk’s on Seinfeld.  Also, Maryann from last season was one of George’s many ex-girlfriends.  Fun facts.

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  1. I thought that Kitch using V was a cool idea also, buuut, how does he have such good control of himself? Others trip balls when they use it, including Lafayette, an experienced experimental drug user. Kitch, however, is not only able to keep himself from tripping, he is very focused and coherent.

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