Awkward Television Moments

This week’s television featured a few very awkward moments.  To the point that I was sick to my stomach or laughing my ass off.

Boardwalk Empire
The creepy government agent looking at Mrs. Schroeder’s photo became very creepy.  He lays out the towel, pushes his wife’s picture down so she can not “look” at him, and then gets out the belt.  I naturally assume he will partake in a little autoerotic asphyxiation.  Am I the only one who thought that?  Screw you guys.  Instead he punishes himself for having impure thoughts.  Stupid religion.

Worth masturbating to, not worth beating yourself with a belt…

Aside from that the episode was pretty awesome.  Jimmy hatches a plan to get back at the Irish.  And then Al insults him at a party, but Jimmy rolls with it and throws out his own insults.  Apparently Al Capone does not like that too much (I wonder how historical some of this is?).

Sons of Anarchy
SAMCRO heads to Ireland to get Jax’s son back.  First though they have to get drunk and party with SAMBEL.  Jax meets Trinity and there are some instant sparks.  Jax does a bare-knuckle fight with Liam.  Trinity wants to wrap his hands and she is definitely giving him the fuck-me eyes.  After the fight she leads him to a shower, where someone makes the joke that she needs to scrub his back.  Normally this would just be another normal day for someone in the club, except in this instance, Trinity is Jax’s half-sister.

Fortunately, Father Kellan came to the rescue.  He wanted to talk to Jax about his son.  Crisis averted.  Score one point for religion.

Always Sunny

Obviously this one was just meant to be funny.  The whole episode was hilarious, as the gang tries to recreate what happened at the Halloween party that ended up with Dee getting pregnant by one of them.  After everything is settled, they think it was actually Dennis who slept with Dee, which causes Dennis to vomit.  Dee then reveals that it was none of them and she just said it to screw with them and prove that they did care who the father was.  The gang then insults her and leaves without waiting to hear who the daddy actually is.