Carl Time

A baseball rant from Carl.  He rips on Lincecum for looking like a girl and ends up picking the Yankees to win it all in 2011.  I guess Carl is a Yankee fan.  Are most NY Giants fans also Yankees fans?  Does that mean Mets fans are usually Jets fans?  I know that James does not fit that rule.  He is also a Rangers fan…I am just starting to ramble here.  Time to go to bed.

One thought on “Carl Time

  1. The general rule was Yankees/Giants/Rangers and Mets/Jets/Islanders. I think it had something to do with the relative proximity that the latter three came into existence. Allegedly, I was a Jets fan when I was like 5. My friends and I grew up when both the Mets and Giants were the good teams, so we ended up as exceptions to the rule. That dynamic is starting to change now, primarily because nobody’s a Met fan anymore.

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