Girlfriend of the Week

Allow me to finally introduce you to my actual girlfriend:  Lindsey.  We are able to now talk about our relationship, so I figure this would be a good time to make her the GOTW.  Unfortunately, she would not allow me to take any pictures of her wearing skimpy outfits, so just try to use your imagination.

Anyways, for some related good news…we found an apartment in New Germany.  It is actually in Croyle Township, which excites the hell out of me.  I will talk about that another time though.  And obviously I am excited about living with Lindsey, that goes without saying.  And now allow me to present the girl who makes me happy.

Obviously she is completely ripped.  Do not arm wrestle her…
Something tells me she is not so sober in this photo.
She is also part monkey.
No comment.
Actually one of my favorite pics.

And for the woman’s rights groups out there, not one comment about her breasts.  I think that is pretty impressive.

3 thoughts on “Girlfriend of the Week

  1. We Muslims will have to say:
    NO to illegal sexual relations; occurring outside of bond of marriage.
    Not before our marriage.
    N0 to Premarital Sex/Fornication.

    A woman is only for her legally husband.

  2. I have to say:

    NO to rules made up by men in the name of gods who don’t exist.
    NO to fear of being human and free
    NO to oppression by any set of rules imposed by religious creed
    NO to ignorance of reason

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