Girlfriend of the Week

Josh’s mysterious new girlfriend here.  i am hijacking the blog for a minute to tell you all about how much i am sick of gotw.  there have been like a 100 girls already.  well i am here to say that this weeks gotw botw is sidney crosby!  thats right, can you think of sexier man?

oh and did i mention that i am the best girlfriend ever?  ask josh sometime what i got him for his birthday.  tickets to the pens opening game.  yes you should be jealous and josh isnt going to say crap about me posting pictures of the sexiest man alive.

well i am going to leave you with a few more pictures of 87.  hopefully josh will smarten up and make me his gotw soon!

3 thoughts on “Girlfriend of the Week

  1. haha, don’t worry james, she did not actually hack anything. i gave her permission. i mean, c’mon, she got me Pen’s tix for my birthday.

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