Mad Men Finale

Honestly, the moment Don asked Megan to go to California, I knew something awesome would happen (I was just hoping to see Megan in a bikini).  Then Don gets that engagement ring that belonged to Anna and it was apparent where things were going.

Don ended the season announcing his engagement to Megan and some of the people did not take it so well (I really thought Roger would make more jokes about Don marrying his secretary).  Dr. Faye was very upset.  In fact, she was pissed.  It may have something to do with Don telling her how much he liked her and whatnot.  Oops.

Peggy and Ken brought in the first business since Lucky Strike left, yet no one seemed to care because of Don’s announcement.  This leaves Peggy very annoyed, so she goes to Joan to bitch about it.  This was a very cool moment because of the way we always see Peggy/Joan.  Peggy tries to do something nice for Joan, but gets slapped around for it.  It was good to see them bonding.

Speaking of Joan, she did not have an abortion.  Instead she lied to her husband and convinced him it was his.  He is dumb.  How is she going to explain when it pops out like a month or so later than it should?  Also, Joan did not seem too pleased with her new promotion.

Don tells Betty about his engagement.  You remember Betty:  World’s Worst Mother.  After firing Carla because she let Glenn see Sally, and fighting with Henry over it, she sees Don and I think she would have banged him on the counter of their old house.  She definitely regrets marrying Henry (not as much as he regrets marrying her) and is now probably going to have to double her visits to Sally’s shrink in order to cope with losing Don to Megan…

I just realized that Megan is also the girl from Hot Tub Time Machine that gets banged in the hot tub and has the huge boobs.  I like her boobs.  So does Don.  He is brilliant.