This was a fantastic week of television.  Let us start with Mad Men.

Mad Men
SCDP is failing.  Without Lucky Strike, they only have a few months before they cannot pay the employees.  They have to start downsizing.  Then they get a break.  Phillip Morris wants to create a new cigarette for women and they want a meeting with SCDP.  Unfortunately it turns out that they just want other agencies to think that and they used SCDP.

This pisses Don Draper off.  He goes home and writes a letter to the New York Times saying why he is quitting tobacco.  He writes how the tobacco companies are killing people and he was part of that.  He says that he is glad to be out of that business.  He also recommends other agencies that would be suitable to do ad work for tobacco companies.

Needless to say the rest of the partners are not too happy with Don.  They feel like he has destroyed the company.  In fact, Bert leaves.  Peggy comes into Don’s office and he asks her what she thought of it.  She says “I thought you didn’t like those kind of shenanigans.”  Which causes Don to smile.  Peggy remembered something Don taught her.

The reason this episode was great was because of the way it felt like Don truly is happy.  His letter was an ad for the agency, yet at the same time, I truly believe he feels good about the direction his agency is going.  Also, it was cool to see Midge again.  Not cool that she is now an addict trying to use Don for money.  I guess she should have taken that trip to Paris…

Roger’s great line of the episode:  “I need to go learn people’s names before I fire them.”  Haha, oh Roger, we will always love you.

I also loved how Pete was so upset about the money he was supposed to pay and then Lane informs him that Don paid his portion.  He sees Don in a whole new way.  I was sure that he was going to throw Don’s false identity back at him since they lost the North American Aviation contract.

Sons of Anarchy
Jax is the man.  He threatens Jimmy’s right hand man by saying that if they are lying about Abel he is going to kill him and then let Chibs cut Jimmy from ear-to-ear.  SAMCRO threatening the IRA?  That is why SAMCRO is badass.

Agent Stahl decides to screw with Gemma.  She takes the deal off the table unless she cooperates against everyone.  Jax does not like this and after he finds out that Jimmy was lying he pays the number one a visit.  We assume that he is going to shoot him.  Then he goes to Stahl’s house, which scares her a bit.  I am sure everyone thought he was going to do something insane like kill her or something.  He throws us for a loop by wanting a deal.  He says that if she drops the case against Gemma, he will give her the IRA.  He then shows her Jimmy’s number one with a whole assload of guns.

At least we now know how Gemma is going to get out of this mess.  I am also extremely excited about the idea of SAMCRO in Belfast going into battle against the IRA.  Things are about to get insane.

Boardwalk Empire
So far this has not been a show with a whole lot to talk about.  I mean, it is a fantastic show, but it is slow building.  This is not a bad thing at all.  Sometimes you have to move a little slower to really make it engaging.  The best part of the episode was Chalky telling the story about his father and then pulling out the tools.  I don’t know about you, but I enjoy watching a KKK member shit his pants with the threat of torture.  Or lost a finger.

I cannot take Tommy from Snatch seriously as Al Capone.  Maybe it is because of the way Peter F. Hamilton used Capone in the Night’s Dawn Trilogy.  Plus, I want Jimmy to be like “what’s that in your trousers Tommy?  Protection from what? Ze Germans?”  Sorry.

The part where the Irish guy cut the hooker was pretty intense.  It made me cringe.  I wanted Clint to walk in later and say “you must be that whore they cut up.”  Yes, that is right, a Snatch and an Unforgiven reference in one post.

Also, Gretchen Mol is pretty hot.  I always thought she was attractive in Rounders, but she is a pretty hot grandmother.

The League
-Jenny tries to join Russell’s league, but Kevin is upset because Russell is a sex addict.  She goes over to his place and he says that she does nothing for him.  Everything else does, including Raffi.  Luckily, this ends Raffi in the league and Jenny is free to take his team.

-I loved how Andre kept saying he was a doctor and they would make fun of him.  Especially when Kevin is like “I am not a doctor Taco and I would have said the same thing.”  Andre is just so ridiculous and fun to mock.  We all have that friend.

-Raffi’s great line when Pete and Andre are about to fight “Bite each other’s dicks off!”  What a freak.  He was like the insane Taco.