A Second Video!

I saw this video over at filmdrunk the other day.  I saw it before somewhere and both sites make fun of Jake Lloyd for coming off as awkward.  To me, he seems more annoyed with the interviewer than anything.  Asking if he uses his role as Anakin to get girls?  If he still has any of the merchandise?

The funny thing to me is that people would be making fun of him if he was still clinging to that aspect of his life.  If his house was packed full of little Anakin figures everywhere, he would be a bit creepy.  Instead he says that he is finishing school and wants to be a film editor.  Good for him.  I can understand why he would be hesitant to do an interview after the way everyone made fun of his acting in Episode I.

I promise this will be the last video of the day.  I may even put up a GOTW…

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