Baseball Predictions: How Did I Do?

I think the title explains this post, right?  Unless you are an idiot…anyways, let us get started.

NL East
Okay, I got this division completely right from top to bottom.  The Phillies stumbled at times, but honestly, with that lineup and that pitching staff who could stop them?  My IDP about Josh Johnson was completely wrong, in fact he tried to make me look like an idiot.

NL Central
I at least got the third place team right.  The Reds came out of nowhere.  At the beginning of the year, the Astros were just as bad as the Pirates, who knew they would start winning and the Pirates would never win again.  Life is pretty unfair at times.  Homer Bailey almost made my IDP come true on May 12th.  He did not throw a no-hitter, but instead he shut-out the Pirates at home and only gave up four hits.  Also, he did not go 9-11, but instead 4-3 (nothing spectacular).

NL West

Wow, I got this one completely wrong.  I guess I did not take into consideration how good Buster Posey and Aubrey Huff were going to be.  That is actually pretty impressive to be that wrong.  Shows you that baseball is completely unpredictable.  Wow, I barely got this IDP right:  Adrian Gonzalez hit 31 home runs this year and obviously did not get traded.  Woo-hoo, 2 out of 3 on the IDPs.

AL East
At least I got the Red Sox right (oh and apparently Adrian Beltre was the answer, since he had a monster season).  I knew that the Rays and Yankees would be the top two and one of them would be the wild card.  I just got it backwards.  Sue me.  Also, I believe at some point I heard a rumor that the Red Sox were thinking about Garrett Jones (until Ortiz started crushing the ball and Jones showed that he was human).  So I will give the IDP a push.

AL Central
Another one where I got nothing right.  Wow, I really sucked this year.  My IDP about Bonderman was completely wrong.  He did not get traded, did not strike out a ton of guys, nor did he really get hurt.  Hell, he started 29 games…his most since 2006.

AL West
And absolutely none right again!  Woo-hoo!  I rock and roll.  My IDP about Ian Snell did not happen, but he did at least suck out there in Seattle.  I guess that was something I got a bit right.

I at least had the Yankees and Phillies in their respective championship games, unfortunately they played the wrong teams.  I cannot imagine many people predicted this years World Series.  Again, this is the beauty of baseball, the teams that everyone expected to win it, did not.  Cool.

I did get the two Cy Young winners right, which I think is pretty damn awesome.  This may have been my worst prediction year ever, but predicting two of the award winners is pretty damn impressive.  I realize plenty of people might disagree with King Felix winning, but if you look past the record, he was much better than the others.  Also pretty cool that I said Halladay would win over twenty games.

Since I am still not sure whether or not Escobar was eligible (not that he would have won this year), but my secondary pick was Heyward, who finished second.  So since I put him second, I will pretend that is what I meant.

I did not realize Neftali Feliz was still rookie eligible, but again, I cannot complain, my AL ROY finished second in the voting.  Pretty cool when you consider how many rookies are potentially out there and how it seems every spring you hear about someone and then they fizzle out.  Heyward/Jackson/Feliz all delivered this year.  I honestly did not think the Giants would bring Posey up this year, or maybe not until late in the year.

If you told me that Carlos Ruiz would have 12 more votes for NL MVP than Chase Utley, I would have called you mentally challenged.  Well, I would have been the one looking pretty dumb.  Joey Votto wins the award.  At least Pujols got second place.

I at least got the AL MVP correct!!!  Oh, umm, back in 2009.  Look, my predictive powers do not know the limitations of the earthly concept of time.  At least Longoria finished sixth in the voting.  I did not really see Jose Bautista or Paul Konerko jumping into the top five.

As for the Royals, I was only eight games off with that one.  Umm, unfortunately, none of us were even close with the Pirates.  57-105.  Goddamn that is a terrible record.  I look forward to next season, and not just because I get excited about the prospect of making insanely bad predictions…