Christmas Gift Ideas

Every year I toil away at my computer, trying to find ways to entertain you.  And yet, none of you ever send me any gifts come Christmas time.  That is ridiculous.  I expect that will change this year.  You feel bad that you have not bought me anything and want to make up for it.  The only one of you that is exempt from this is Michelle since she bought me the first four Sookie Stackhouse books for my birthday (I think she may have mentioned how I should read them every time I wrote something about True Blood).  Here are a few ideas for you:

At some point in life I will buy either a PS3 or a BluRay player, therefore I have been cutting back on the number of DVDs I purchase.  That being said, I would love it if someone bought me the first season of Community.  I hear it is quite hilarious.

I actually would prefer if no one bought me any books for awhile.  I am quite behind on my reading list.  I have the Wheel of Time, the Sookie books, a few other random ones sitting there screaming my name.  It is just too much.

If one of you would be so kind as to head to the Comic Swap in State College and pick up my subscription list, that would be much appreciated.  Thanks.

See folks, I do not ask for much.  Now get out there and get these simple things done.

5 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Ideas

  1. Greg…it is one of my few goals in the upcoming months

    Allison…hey, you can buy me bluray movies. just text me to see if i have the movie yet (or gift cards)

    Kacie…that is quite true. you are exempt.

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