Crazy Chick

This week’s GOTW is Jenny McCarthy.  Remember when she was really hot and just had stupid shows where she tried to push the boundaries of humor/sex symbols?  Now she is just a crazy lady spouting off about how vaccines cause autism.

I understand that she is upset that her kid has autism, but to go out of your way to cling to some outdated research, that has never been proven (and has mostly been proven false) is just pretty sad.  I mean, there are plenty of stupid people out there who will hear her saying these things and go “oh, I better not get my kid vaccinated” because a celebrity probably knows more than your doctor.

I also love listening to these commercials from famous athletes about the odds of them doing something in that sport, but then it ends with the odds of them having a kid with autism is 1:100.  Again, this is sad and I realize this, but screw you people.  If you want more research into autism that is fine, but Jenny needs to realize that while she is wasting scientists time and resources with this whole vaccine problem, scientists are not able to focus on the real problem:  Why are there more cases of autism?

So Jenny, please keep your damn mouth shut and just take of your clothes.  That is what you are good at.