More Star Wars Insanity

I realize my last post was about Star Wars, but blame SpikeTV–they are showing the originals today.  Anyways, I just watched one of my favorite parts, the above video includes the part where Vader chokes the nonbeliever.  It then got me thinking…

-Everything Obi-Wan tells Luke is basically a lie.  I know, he says that it is the truth from a certain point of view, but does this seem like good Jedi behavior?  When I met your father, he was already one of the best star pilots in the galaxy…ummm when you met his father, he was a little boy.  I highly doubt he was that great of a pilot.

-Your uncle did not want your father to get involved.  Uncle Owen did not really know Anakin, and he most certainly had no say whether Anakin was involved.

-Obi-Wan does not remember R2D2?  I guess senility is also a major Jedi trait.

-Vader’s great speech about how the power to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force.  Ummm, really?  Have we ever witnessed anything that would lead us to believe that the Force can do anything close to this?

-Obi-Wan says that he has not gone by that name since before Luke was born…did anyone at the end of Revenge of the Sith call him Ben?  I do not remember that.

-How shitty of a protocol droid is C-3PO?  I get that his mind must have been wiped a few times, but he does not know that Jawas are from Tatooine?

-In Return of the Jedi, Luke is escorted to the Emperor with handcuffs on.  The Emperor then releases them with the Force.  Why would they even bother putting them on a Jedi?

-Also, when the Emperor is taunting Luke by saying that he should just reach out and take the lightsaber and strike him down, why doesn’t Luke just use the force to slowly turn it around and flip the switch on so it stabs the Emperor?  There are plenty of places in these films where we see Jedi use their power for something mundane (Obi-Wan is way too lazy to shut doors by hitting a button), but they fail to use it for something useful (why not use it to flip the off-switch on a lightsaber during a battle).  Am I the only one who thinks of this stuff?

Okay, I promise that I am done with this now.