Previously on Sons of Anarchy

I know most of you are dying to know what I have thought about the last few weeks of Sons of Anarchy.  The season has been mostly awesome, minus a few parts.  Everything about the group being in Ireland has been cool, most of the stuff dealing with Tara sucks.

Remember how I said that Jax almost had sex with his half Irish sister?  Well they came ever closer, luckily Maureen and Gemma walked in on them.  Gemma then delivered the great line of “unless we want a three headed grandchild, we better share some family history.”  Jax seemed to take it well.  In fact, last night Trinity says that she is embarrassed because she almost shagged her brother and Jax responds with “and you say that like it’s a bad thing.”  What?  Is Jax more turned on now that he knows Trinity is his sister?  Weird.

Yet again, Jax will stray from his father’s manuscript.  He had that moment where he thought maybe this lifestyle was wrong, but then the gay family that adopted Abel ends up dead and Jax comes back to reality.  Jax and Clay will have their confrontation, but it is not time yet.

I thought she was hotter on Mad Men…

Back in Charming, Tig and Lem (I cannot remember his name, so I will call him Lem because that was his character on The Shield) continue their pissing match and act like the village idiots when it comes to running the MC.  Lumpy:  dead.  Tara:  missing.  Alvarez:  almost breaks the truce.  Christ, Clay is going to be pissed when he gets home.

Speaking of idiot Tara…she has been a worthless story all season.  Whining and crying about Jax.  Debating about an abortion.  I knew she would not get one, that would have been something interesting for Jax to deal with.  Instead she is kidnapped by Salazar and now that Jax is home, he will have to deal with him.

Judging from the previews, it sounds like Clay is going to find out that Jax made a deal with Stahl.  I do not understand why the deal was a bad thing?  She gets Jimmy and Gemma stays out of jail, as does the club.  Yeah, that would be terrible.  I guess it would mean that Jax would be putting the kibosh on Clay’s new IRA gun running operation.

I am guessing that Jax will have to intercept Jimmy before he makes it to the Russians.  Then, instead of killing him, he will give him to Stahl, but he will tell the rest of the club that he is going to kill him, but he wants to do it alone.  Unfortunately, Gemma will do something stupid, like pull a gun on Stahl (saw that in the previews) and probably end up going to jail anyways.  Jimmy will claim that SAMCRO is the actual mastermind behind everything and the whole thing will backfire.  Okay, probably not.

I would like to see Jax arrive to save Tara too late.  Salazar just killed her and Jax kills Salazar.  It will be a moment where Jax will either realize that his father was right or that he cannot be saved and his life is too wrapped up in violence…