The Coyote Experience

The other night while driving home from work, I saw something I have never seen in the wild:  a coyote.  I came close once while hunting, there were some coyotes near a tree I was sitting in, but it was too dark to see, I could just hear them moving around and making sounds.  Also, one time when I got a flat tire and had to walk a few miles to get to a phone, I could hear one in the woods and I could see the outline at times, but I was not 100% sure if it was a coyote or just a dog.

Fortunately, I got a very good look this time.  On my way home, I always slow down at this one section right before my road because I always see deer on the road.  This time though, I saw what looked like a big dog run across the road.  I slowed way down and it was standing broad side about 15 feet off the road.  I stopped and got a nice long look at it.  Definitely a coyote.

Just a few minutes ago, I took out some trash to the dumpster and I could hear one howling and barking (more like a yip, but whatever).  I listened for a good five minutes and figured it must be out in that field where I saw it the other day.  Pretty cool.  And no, this is not another fake story, like the bear attack

Maybe next week I will see one of the Phoenix Coyotes…

2 thoughts on “The Coyote Experience

  1. May I use your very cool howling coyote photo to use in a youtube video? I would morph my face into a howling coyote and then back to my face.

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