The Eye of the World

I recently picked up the first three books of the Wheel of Time series.  Greg Howley constantly talks about the series (not just in his review, but also in many of the comments here).

The first book is fantastic.  The characters are great, my favorite is probably Perrin or Rand.  My favorite little thing from the entire book is the way that both characters wish they had the others ability to talk to girls.

At first I was not thrilled the way the book ended.  We kept getting this idea that Rand would face Ba’alzamon, but not for a long time.  I figured Rand would learn about his powers and become a master swordsman.  Instead (oh and this could be a spoiler), Rand becomes Superman and destroys Ba’alzamon (I doubt he is really dead though).

The more I thought about it though, the more I loved it.  By the end, Moraine realizes that Rand is the Dragon Reborn.  It sets up for Rand to become the true villain.  He may have a great inner battle to fight throughout the rest of the series.

Here are some of my predictions for the rest of the series:
-Perrin will at some point return with the wolves and maybe find others like him.  He will become the leader of an army of men like him and tons of wolves.

-Perrin will be the one to end up with Egwene.  When they were together, it seems that Perrin has feelings for her.  He would get jealous when she danced with that one guy and always felt awkward when looking for the right things to say.  Also, Min said that Egwene and Rand will not be together the way they want…

-Speaking of Rand, I think he will end up with Elayne.  She thought he was handsome and he thinks she is beautiful.  He will be the Dragon Reborn and she will be his queen.  Maybe he will destroy the world, but I think he will end up helping to rid the taint of the Dark One.

-The next question is who is Rand’s father?  I am sure that his mother was his actual mother, but her father was someone extremely important.  Maybe a king, I am guessing he was one of those Anielman (was that the name?).  Lan must have been a body guard or maybe a Warder.

-Will Moraine be a good witch or a bad witch?  I have no clue.  Will she try to stop Rand (I think the term is gentle him) or does she want the Dragon Reborn to become powerful?  Maybe she believes the world needs men Aes Sedai…

One thought on “The Eye of the World

  1. Interesting to read your first-time reactions to the first book in the series – I think it was written in the 80s. I started the series very late myself – late 90s or so. Book 13 just came out this week, and I can’t wait to read it. Linda and I just listened to the audiobook of Eye of the World on our drive to Kentucky a few days ago.

    The first six books are absolutely awesome. They get even better as they go. Books 8 and 10 drag a bit, but once Brandon Sanderson took over the writing after Robert Jordan died, the books got good again.

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