This Week in TV

The Walking Dead

This week introduced more of the regular characters, including one of my favorites:  Glen.  I was also worried at first that T-Dogg was going to be Tyreese (in the comic Tyreese is a huge ex-NFL linebacker).  It would have been upsetting to see redneck Michael Rooker beat the crap out of a linebacker.  Personally, I think AMC should reach out to Shawne Merriman.  His football career is about over, he would be perfect…

I also love that they are not trying to make each episode super scary, and over the top.  Go slow, pace it out.  Get to know the characters.  This is something that a show like this has over a typical zombie movie.  The characters can grow and we can really get to know them and like them before they are eaten.  It will make every death mean something.

Boardwalk Empire
When Nucky’s brother, Eli, gets shot.  It really upset me.  I like Eli.  He makes me laugh and makes me sad.  I felt bad for him during his speech in a previous episode.  I want to see him succeed, but it looks like that will not happen.

Anyways, it seems that Jimmy will be coming back to New Jersey.  And I bet he brings ol “Phantom of the Opera Sniper” with him.  Also, did Jimmy have his mom sleep with Lucky Luciano in order to get information on him (and Lucky was banging her for the same reason, except that he thought she was Jimmy’s wife)?  What a messed up family.

Did anyone else enjoy watching Arnold Rothstein practice what he would say about the Black Sox Scandal?  Apparently that was almost verbatim to his testimony to the Grand Jury.  Pretty cool.