This Weekend in Review

This was my weekend off.  I had planned on going out and celebrating Halloween, but then that changed when Lindsey and I moved out here to New Germany.  I could have went out, but I felt like there was way too much stuff to do around the apartment.

Fact:  there are shrimp in that glass.

I got stuck at work until almost midnight.  I then left and went to State College to meet up with Jason and Gideon.  Yes, Gideon was down from the big city.  I met them at Champs (actually Kacie and her boyfriend were there, who was finally nice to meet) and had a few beers.

After that I went to my old apartment and slept there so that I could wake up and load my car up with more of my stuff.  My mom came down and we also loaded her Blazer.  Adam, Mom, and me finally went over to apartment and unloaded the stuff.  We then went to Yesterday’s Party, which is an Ebensburg bar.  The place was pretty nice.  It is actually pretty big and might be a fun place for Lindsey and I to go to toss back a few beers.

I then came home and took a nap because I had a splitting headache.  I woke up and watched the Penn State game with Lindsey.  I predicted that PSU would get beat pretty badly.  I thought for sure Denard Robinson would have 500 yards total offense and the score would be about 56-31.

Wow, was I wrong.  Well, Robinson had a great game, but Matt McGloin looked pretty damn impressive.  He hit his spots perfectly.  Although, Michigan’s defense is absolutely terrible (not sure whose defense was worse).  I was having a heart attack though at the end of the third and beginning of the fourth quarters when Michigan started coming back.  Fortunately PSU held on and won the game 41-31.

I woke up and went into Ebensburg for a haircut.  I got that taken care of and came home.  I setup the surround system with a new fiber optic audio cable I purchased.  I can definitely hear the sound difference.

After that I put all my clothes away.  In fact, I went through and folded all my ties, which made me realize that I have way too many and most of them are old and ugly.  I need to take a bunch of them to the dry cleaners.  I just need to find one here in the Eb.

I then sat here and watched the Packers/Jets game.  And watched my fantasy team.  Almost all my players went during the 1:00 slot.  I am really starting to hate Dwayne Bowe.  I start him the first few weeks and he scores like three points per game.  I don’t start him and he goes for over 20.  Last week I did start him and he scores 20 again.  This week, I chose him over Brandon Lloyd.  Lloyd goes for 22, Bowe goes for seven.  He had like sixteen yards…ugh.

Lindsey came home from work and we decided to drive to Westmont so she could clock how long it takes to get there.  We then went to Home Depot for some stuff and then went to Panera Bread for dinner.  We came home just in time to watch the Steelers/Saints game.

That game pretty much sucked.  Lindsey and I both wore Heath Miller jerseys, which she thinks caused Heath to fumble that ball.  I think it was just a nice hit.  I did make a comment during the Penn State game that Penn State and the Steelers both suck at goal line situations.

After the game I watched The Walking Dead premiere on AMC.  Oh my!  It was amazing.  So many scenes came straight from the comic book.  The great thing though, is that the show can do things the comic could not.  The scene where Rick is walking down the hospital stairs and it is dark and he has to keep lighting matches was very suspenseful.  I kept waiting for a zombie to jump out.  You cannot build that kind of tension in a comic.

The ending was also pretty sweet.  Rick get swarmed while inside a tank, while also getting made fun of by Glen.  Obviously he will make it out okay.  There are so many crazy moments in the comic and I keep wondering if they will be able to show them on AMC…oh well, I guess we will have to wait and see.

2 thoughts on “This Weekend in Review

  1. The Walking Dead was pretty great. Much better than the Event, the only other show I’m really watching right now (besides thursday nights on nbc). I didn’t read the books, and I like it that way. For something like this, I like not knowing what’s coming up.

    And Friday night was fun. I wish I coulda been up there longer. And the place that shall not be named blows for towing me.

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