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Oh Emma Bell, you will be missed…or you will be the hottest zombie in the area.

The Walking Dead
I have a feeling people are going to start grumbling about how slow the show is moving.  A zombie show cannot be fast-paced.  A zombie movie focuses more on the fear and the chasing.  This show needs to explore the relationships between people and how life would change in a situation like this.  As I said before, if characters are killed too early and too often, their deaths will be meaningless.  On a side note, Kirkman does a great job of exploring this idea in the comic:  watching children grow up around death and how it seems to mean nothing to them after awhile.

In the latest episode we get a nice little moment between Amy and Andrea at the beginning (every time they focus on the lake, I think a zombie is going to attack someone from under the water).  In the comic, I never got the idea they were 12 years apart, but this works so much better in the show.  At the end of the episode, the zombies attack the camp and Amy is bitten (bit?) and soon after dies.  I kept expecting her to come back while Andrea was hugging her.  Unfortunately for Amy though, her death was not all that meaningful.  We just did not get a chance to really like her.

I do not remember if the Mexican storyline was ever part of the comics.  If not, it was definitely cool.  I loved how once the grandmother came down the steps, they all dropped the act of being tough gangsters.  I also loved how Rick gave them some guns to help protect the old people.  It was definitely a cool moment.

Boardwalk Empire
Is Chalky one of the scariest men on TV?  First he tortures a KKK leader by first telling a wonderful story and then cutting off a finger.  Next he chokes an Italian guy to death because he was involved in his friend’s lynching…

Speaking of great deaths, what about Jimmy shooting the other Italian guy?  “Oh what, you gonna shoot me for running my mouth?”  Jimmy:  “I wasn’t going to, but now I am thinking about it.”  Then BAM, he shoots the guy in the head.

The only complaint about this show would be how obvious they like to make the symbolism.  Did we really need that final shot of Margaret looking at herself in the mirror, after Nelson asks if she recognizes herself anymore?