Girlfriend of the Week

Have you seen the T-Mobile commercials with that hot girl in the pink dress?  They are kind of funny.  Nothing spectacular, but whatever.  I like looking at her.  The real question is:  who is she?  Many people (including myself at first) thought it was the girl who will be the new Mrs. Draper.  Luckily with a little research, I discovered she is the model Carly Foulkes.

6 thoughts on “Girlfriend of the Week

  1. I like her, too. On a side note, anyone else notice how those T-Mobile commercials are a complete ripoff of the “Get a Mac” campaign that Apple ran?

  2. If apple can be smug by completely making crap up like they did in those commercials, I have no problem with these being similar – they’re at least truthful.

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