Girlfriend of the Week

I decided to make Brooke Everett this weeks GOTW.  Most of you may remember her mentioned in this post.  She did appear in Playboy and I think she went on to become an anthropologist or something like that.  We probably had four or five classes together, yet I never really talked to her.  I guess I thought she might be a bit of a bitch or something.

Sadly, halfway through one of my final anth classes we started talking and I found out that she was pretty cool.  Oops.  I ended up having a bunch of CAMS classes with her friend Shawn, but never with her.  After I switched majors, that was when she decided to do Playboy.

I also do not think her actual last name was Everett.  I remember it being something different from the classes we had together.  Oh well.  I hope life is going well for her and she is living with some South American tribe or something.

If you want to see her naked…