I Think My Eye Is Going To Fall Out

Monday morning I woke up with a stye.  I had one before when I was younger (like 10 years old) and I remember it hurting, but not being anything too bad.  In fact, I made a nice joke about it with my brother.  I sent him this picture and told him I looked like Forest Whitaker and Adam said “did it turn you black?”  I responded with “my bad, Forest Whitaker if he did reverse blackface.”  Oh I crack me up.

Unfortunately, the jokes must end.  The damn thing has gotten worse since then.  And it hurts like a sonofabitch.  I could barely open my eye this morning.

Everyone keeps telling me to go to the doctor, but I really do not think there is anything they can do for a stye.  I will continue using a warm compress (I tried a cold compress, which helped at first, but now it seems the warm one works better) and if it does not go away by the weekend, then I will head to the hospital.

And yes, I am as miserable as I look right now.

2 thoughts on “I Think My Eye Is Going To Fall Out

  1. or you could also see an optometrist and they can squeeze it out for ya. I had a friend who had that done before. At a wal mart no less. Nothing like cheap prices and eyeball spunk!

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