Last GOTW of 2010

I wanted to come up with a really clever GOTW for today, but I could not think of anyone.  Then, it seemed like everything kept giving me signs.  Last night I watched Iron Man 2 and I saw Kate Mara playing the girl who serves Tony the subpoena.  Then as I watched Supernatural this morning, I kept seeing her in the promos for Shooter which is apparently on TNT tonight.  Yep, it must be a sign.  She is to be the GOTW.

Plus, she is the descendant of both Tim Mara (founder of the New York Giants) and Art Rooney (founder of the Steelers).  Hot?  Yes.  Rich?  Yes.  Football fan?  Yes.  Steelers fan?  Yes.  Perfect girl?  Just about.

4 thoughts on “Last GOTW of 2010

  1. I can’t think of a more perfect female specimen. Well, except for that whole Steelers thing… She’s even got the reddish-brown hair I so deeply adore. She’s apparently a decent singer, too.

    But what happens if the Giants play the Steelers in the Super Bowl (not likely anytime soon, judging by my Giants recent play…)? I mean, I wouldn’t want that pretty little head to explode.

    I nominate her for Girlfriend of the Year.

  2. You know, I went to high school with dan rooney’s grand daughter…also a descendant of art rooney. But, Hot? Not so much. Rich? Not so much. Football fan? Only cuz she has to. The perfect female speciman? Not so much. I like your nominee better.

  3. Oh, haha, Ryan. it took me a minute to process what you meant. I thought you meant that Kate Mara was not hot, then I reread it and got what you were saying. Ugh, i am dumb.

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