Merry Christmas!!!

Hope everyone has a great Christmas!  I will be out doing family things.  Lindsey and I exchanged gifts last night.  Do you want to know what she got me?  She got me new gloves (if you ever saw my gloves, you would understand), Scrabble, and she got me Community season one.  Also she bought me a nice new thermal since I wear them everyday during the fall, winter, spring under my t-shirts.  Her big gift to me was a gift card to Best Buy towards buying my PS3.

I suppose you want to know what I got her.  I bought her a Crosby jersey, a Keurig, canisters, and a cutting board.  The cutting board was more of a gift to me, since when we make dinner, I always cut veggies and I hate our current cutting board, since it is tiny and very thin.

You might be wondering what is up with the fat, ugly chick.  Well I figure since none of you read this during Christmas, who would ever notice…

Or maybe she was my real Christmas present from Lindsey…I think I just threw up a little.  HAVE A GREAT DAY EVERYONE!!!

2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!!!

  1. Me too. My collection is getting pretty large.. Only a few games I haven’t liked either.

    Merry Christmas! Thanks for the picture that will haunt my dreams for weeks!

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