Movie Enjoyment!

This is how my girlfriend enjoys a movie.  Last night we watched Inception, which she purchased because she really wanted to see it.  Also, this was the exact same way she enjoyed our viewing of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader and some parts of The Departed, Fight Club, and The Princess Bride.

Actually at the movies on Friday, when Eustace was snoring, so was Lindsey, it was like getting the movie in surround sound.

Apparently the TV comes on and she immediately falls asleep.  She does the same thing with shows as well.  I have given up on trying to wake her up.  It is more fun to mess with her while she snores…yes, I am that evil.

I forgot about the time she went upstairs to put her clothes away and fell asleep on the floor, using a pair of jeans as a pillow.  I came up because I did not hear any sounds and started laughing when I saw her.