Snow Days in Hell

Apparently my kingdom is located in the center of a snow vortex.  It has snowed nonstop since Saturday night.  Everyday I go to work the roads are terrible until I reach the bottom of the mountain where Rt. 22 meets I-99, then there is absolutely nothing.  Today Altoona received about an eighth of an inch of snow, my area had about 46 feet.  Okay, maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration, but we do have about six inches.

The top picture is my neighbor’s car, who has not left since yesterday.  The bottom picture is the bush by my door.  Sorry, but it is dark out and there is no flash on my phone.

I always thought people were kidding when they said this area gets hit hard.  Now I realize they were dead serious.  Also, those same people are probably still snowed in from last year.  It also now makes complete sense why all those Cambria schools would always be closed.  Adam and I would watch the scrolling list of delays and cancellations wishing Philipsburg-Osceola would pop up, but no, all we ever saw was Cambria Heights, Penn Cambria, Central Cambria, Northern Cambria, Central Cambria, and the elusive Admiral Peary Elemantary (we had no clue where it was, but we figured they must only go to school once or twice in the winter).  Well now I live in this region, but school closings mean nothing to me.  It just means I need to wake up earlier and drive super slow to work.  Yay!!!

One of the first acts in my kingdom will be to ban this cursed snow.  Screw it, here in Croyle Township, winter is not coming…