Sons of Anarchy Finale

As the season started I kept thinking that it would end with Jax getting Abel back and the MC killing Jimmy.  Then it threw me a curveball and Jax gets Abel early.  Also, Jax was making deals with Stahl about giving up Jimmy.  It seemed so out of character.  I mean, wouldn’t Jax want to kill Jimmy for what he did?

Then, as the season went on, I started to understand Jax’s decision.  I mean, this was the best move for the club.  I did not understand why Jax would not just explain the situation to the club and let them put it to a vote.  The rest of the guys would have to understand what he was doing, right?

As soon as Stahl double-crossed Jax and sold him out to the club, I knew they were all in on it.  I loved how they all reacted and did not want to speak to Jax.  I loved how Unser put his gun and badge on the desk and grabbed his personal revolver.  You just knew something crazy was up (but then it was Clay’s comment to him that really gave it all away).

When the bus pulls up and Opie grabs Stahl and makes her put her hands on the wheel.  That was one of the best moments ever.  Her begging for her life was one of the best moments of the entire season.  Watching that bitch get what she deserved made me unbelievably happy.

The episode ended with Gemma reading the letter from Jax explaining the whole situation, which mirrored the letter that Tara found from John to Maureen saying that he was sure Gemma and Clay would be the cause of his death someday.  Jax also says in his letter that he is not his father.

I only wish that next season would start right now.  Will the Russians become the new antagonists for next season?  Or will Clay offer some kind of payback money once they get their hands on the IRA guns?  Come on season four, get here already.