The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

On Friday night Lindsey and I went to see the newest Narnia movie, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.  I realize that many people did not really like the last movie, but I did, so screw those people.  This film was pretty good.  I doubt any of these will be as good as the first one, but it is fun to see them on-screen.

The film continues the adventures of Lucy and Edmund in Narnia, but this time they bring their horrible cousin, Eustace.  They meet up with King Caspian on his ship as he searches for the lost lords.  They have a bunch of adventures and learn lessons about themselves and life.  The book always seemed like just a series of short stories, so I always wondered how they would make it into a movie, which they found a way by introducing the idea of the seven swords of Narnia that will help defeat the great evil from the one island.  It helps tie the entire adventure together.

Here are some of the highlights and lowlights of the film…

-Simon Pegg does a nice job as Reepicheep, but honestly, Eddie Izzard was much better.  Although Pegg did give Reep an older voice, I guess a mouse would age a bit in three years.

-I liked that Lucy was now more grown up and took Susan’s bow or had no problem handling a sword.  Also, I enjoyed her side story about wanting to be beautiful like Susan.

-The world of Narnia, yet again looks amazing.  Plus the way they make England look dreary and faded as compared to the crisp/sharp Narnia is pretty cool.

-The kid playing Eustace was awesome.  He was so damn irritating at the beginning that I wanted Edmund to just beat his ass.  It was also a very sad moment when he is crying as a dragon and Reep sits with him and tells him stories.  The transformation of Eustace is one of my favorite things in the entire series, so I am kind of a sucker for his story. 

-Why did Caspian lose his accent?  I remember in the second film, Ben Barnes said he tried to do an Inigo Montoya accent from The Princess Bride.  I guess he just forgot about that part. 

-I also did not really like the way they did the Edmund/Caspian rivalry.  Why would Edmund resent the idea that Caspian has Peter’s sword or that he does not get to make decisions.  I cannot remember if this was in the movie (maybe at a point where they were enchanted by the pool or something), but it seemed like the movie was trying hard to make this a plot point that did not need to be.  Edmund facing his demons (the White Witch) was a cool point.  You do not need to revert Edmund back to a jealous younger sibling.  He proved in the last film he was no longer like that.  Not at all jealous of Peter.

-I have no problem admitting that I cried during the first movie, but not during the second one.  I did cry a little bit at this one.  Does that make me a little less of a man?  Screw you guys.

Anyways, it is a good film.  If you enjoyed the books, check it out. 

Mmmmm, I can see why Lucy wants to look like Susan…