1000th Post

This is the 1000th post I have written.  I guess this is something of a big deal, I mean, I have kept up with it since 2006, which I never thought was possible.  It seems like just yesterday that everyone was laughing at my 100th post.  Do not fear, there will be no scary pictures of me this time.

It is funny that as I look at Google Analytics, I see that the top searches that lead to my site have been:  funny facebook notes, Josh Croyle, 2010 baseball predictions, and Kiele Sanchez.  In fact, my most popular post continues to be about Lost Episode 314.

I am shocked that no one from Sierra Leone ever stumbles upon my site.  That is where the name comes from, well from the Mende people of Sierra Leone.  I do get visitors from Albania and Jordan, who were both in my Nations of the World, I might have to write another one about visiting Egypt.

Looking back, we have had some fun times with the debates between Ryan and I.  It seems like we can never agree on anything and if someone read this that did not know us, they would assume we hated each other.  On the other side though, my Crazy Cults post helped cement my relationship with my mom’s side of the family.  They have not spoken to me since then (this is a good thing, they are psychotic.)

I could probably go on and on about all the great posts, all the really stupid ones, and blah blah blah, but the real question is where will we go from here?  Who the hell knows is the real answer.  Things will continue as they have, I will post whatever I feel like.  Hopefully you will continue to enjoy over the next thousand posts.

4 thoughts on “1000th Post

  1. I think you should put up a post of which posts had the most comments…stats, bar graphs, pie charts, what have you. Then, after you digest all the optimistic feed back about our invigorating baseball debates, you should bring up another baseball debate on the following post. Which, in turn, will be your top seller! So to speak. BTW. Pissed about not winning the garden gnome!

  2. i think the most commented post was the ryan howard vs. adam dunn debate. and then i think it’s the 2009 baseball mvp one. after that it might be crazy cults.

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