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Allow me to start out by saying how excited I am for the Steelers to be in the Super Bowl.  I also think it will be a fantastic game between them and the Packers.  Both teams are so similar, which should make it interesting.  As you know though, the next two weeks will be filled with every conceivable story about both teams.

Just Make It Stop Already

-Aaron Rodgers was Brett Favre’s backup and has finally risen up and led his team to the Super Bowl.  Seriously, there will be so many stories about Brett Favre.  Hell, at some point there will be speculation about him playing next season (as James said via facebook:  “I wouldn’t be surprised if he played for the Bills next season.”)  We all remember how the Packers decided to ignore Favre when he wanted to return and finally allow Rodgers the chance to take the reins.  It was only like three seasons ago.

-The trials and tribulations of Ben Roethlisberger.  Did you know that he was suspended for the first four games of the season?  Everyone will tell us this, but no one will mention for what.  Actually a few will say something like “stemming from an alleged sexual assault during the summer.”  I like Big Ben (as a quarterback) and I am sure that he is trying to be a good person, but I really do not care that he rose from the ashes and led his team to the Super Bowl.  It feels like every writer had these stories written for Michael Vick and now that he is out of the playoffs, they will just replace Vick with Big Ben and killed dogs with alleged sexual assault.

-Mike McCarthy is from Pittsburgh.  I am sure this will get mentioned a few hundred times.  Who cares?  Is McCarthy going to make bad calls because he was a Steelers fan as a kid?  Probably not.  Who will his family be rooting for?  All that kind of dumb shit will just annoy the hell out of me.

-These storied franchises.  The team of the 60s vs. the team of the 70s!  I know it is a cool thing, but seriously, every football fan already knows how they are both great franchises.  Please do not dumb down the discussion by explaining this to us.  Hell, only a few of the coaches were even alive to see those Packers teams.  Not many of the players were alive to see the Steelers teams of the 70s.  Why not just focus on the here and now?  These teams have a chance to kick off the race to see who will be the team of the 20Teens (what the hell else should we call this decade?).

-How young Mike Tomlin is.  We have a young coach, the youngest to ever lead his team to a second Super Bowl.  No shit, he was the youngest coach to win a Super Bowl.  If the Steelers go again in the next twenty of so years, he will probably still be the youngest coach to lead his team to three Super Bowls.  Why?  Most coaches are old, Tomlin is really young.  And I am sure there will be a few jokes about how he looks like Omar Epps…

My Thoughts on Jay Cutler
Most of you by now have heard about how players criticized  Jay Cutler (via Twitter) for leaving the game on Sunday.  From what I have heard, the team doctors were the ones who were not sure about the extent of the injury and decided he could not play.  What if he would have went back in and thrown a few interception because he could not plant his leg and get a solid throw?  People would have said how he was hurting his team by being in there.  What if he goes back out and gets hit and ends his career?  How many people would then be saying how silly it was for him to go back in the game?  I do think it is great that the Bears defensive players have his back and as Chris Harris said yesterday on the Jim Rome show, they know which players said what, they will be looking for them next season.

Mark Sanchez To Lead The League in Picks
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My Plans
Friday before the Super Bowl, I will be at the Pens game with Lindsey, Adam, and Lora.  We are then going out that night and then we are going to come back to Ebensburg on Saturday, then head back to Pittsburgh to watch the game in the city.  What better way to spend the Super Bowl then down in the Steel City?

My prediction for the game:  27-23 Steelers!  Oh, and if you want to see me on television, I suggest you click this link.

7 thoughts on “A Bunch of Football Stuff

  1. Wow, you look like a tool. Ha ha. Why the hell didn’t they close early for Super Bowl XL so I didn’t have to work for 13 hours when NOBODY WAS THERE!?!?

    Good point about the Roethisberger stories. It’s not like his career was over and now he’s in the Super Bowl.

    I’ll admit that I was critical of Cutler at first, too, before I knew the extent of his injuries. It’s not like in basketball where you can play injured just as an intimidation factor, take it easy and not get hurt again (See: Willis Reed, 1970 New York Knicks). This is football. If he played more, he probably really messed his knee up, and probably in vain. Besides, who would be intimidated by Cutler?

    Oh, and another thing that I never want to hear again, but probably will every day until the 6th, “Stairway to Seven.” It’s clever, but it’s gonna wear thin real soon.

  2. haha, i do not look like a tool. and they realized after super bowl xl that they made like zero money and that it was stupid to be open.

  3. wow…I just peed a little. I like how the newscaster kept calling you Josh “Cwoyle”.

    I somehow had no idea you were managing in Altoona…I used to work there!

  4. wow…nice sweater vest…You are a tool(and I thought that before I saw Jamie’s comment). Like you believe a single word that came out of your mouth about your place of work! Tool.

  5. Haha, I enjoy wearing a sweater vest! Much better than wearing a tie everyday. Also, I believed the majority of what came out of my mouth.

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