Batman: The Dark Knight Rises

I have had a few people ask me about this, so I figured I might as well write about it.  Remember when I wrote about the third Batman film after I saw Inception?  It appears that I was correct about Tom Hardy playing the villain, unfortunately I got it kind of wrong.  Christopher Nolan says that Hardy will play the bad guy Bane.  In a surprise move though, Anne Hathaway has been chosen to play Catwoman.

I have no problem with the castings of either of them, yet I do have to wonder about how these two will tie into the idea of Batman rising up as the hero of Gotham.  Will Bane be written like he was in the original Knightsend story?  He was extremely strong because of the Venom drug, but he was also somewhat smart.  He wanted to weaken Batman before fighting him.  He released all the bad guys from Arkham Asylum and then when Batman was nearly exhausted he chose to fight him and break him.

I would imagine that the movie will start with Gotham being hit by some sophisticated cat burglar.  Batman will track the person down, only to realize it is a woman.  They will spar and flirt and in the end she will escape.  How does this tie into Bane though?  Will Bane come to Gotham to try and take over the gangs?  Does he want to take over the entire city?  Maybe he hires Catwoman to find out who Batman really is?

Have you seen the film Havoc?  Who knew she was such a dirty girl…

Anyways, here are some things I do not want to see in this film:

-Supernatural powers or backgrounds for Catwoman.  No cat-god powers, no nine lives, none of that nonsense.  Just make her a cat burglar who likes to dress like a cat or something.  Keep it simple.

-Bane as just some hired thug.  If the gangs hire him to kill Batman, it will be incredibly stupid.  I mean, did they forget how well it worked out using the Joker?

-Batman taking his mask off to talk Catwoman out of killing someone.  The downfall of Batman movies always seems when the actor playing Batman wants more lines or screen time.  Do you realize how often Batman takes his mask off in the comics?  Pretty much never.  Nolan has done a good job of keeping it on most of them, just do it again for one more movie.  Not even if Christian Bale starts screaming at him…

-Please Mr. Nolan, do not introduce some kind of new Bat-suit.  I am okay with a new Batmobile, maybe even splurging and seeing a Batplane, but the one thing I really hate is when they change the suit.  It just never makes sense.  Unless it serves the movie.  I mean, yes, in the last one, it made sense for Bruce to want a suit that would stop dogs and allow his head to turn.  I just do not want to see an all new design or some specialty suit, like the fire proof sonar suit.  Ugh.

I really hope they use a suit similar to this…

-The love story.  Obviously that is why Catwoman will be making her debut in this film.  However, keep it to her and Batman.  Do not bring in the idiotic Selina Kyle/Bruce Wayne relationship.  In fact, make sure that Selina never knows Batman’s identity.  And under no circumstances should they figure out each others secret by some stupid back and forth like “mistletoe can be deadly if you eat it…a kiss can be deadlier if you mean it.”

Anyways, I am excited about the film and I completely trust Christopher Nolan.  I am sure he will make a great movie and that it will finish up his trilogy quite nicely.  And then in a few years, they can bring another director and actor in and completely screw it all up.

2 thoughts on “Batman: The Dark Knight Rises

  1. Anne Hathaway is my “Beyond-Reproach, Can-Never-Be-Challenged Girl Friend for Life”. Given the choice between one night with her, or a lifetime of happiness, I’d take Miss Hathaway 10 times outta 10 because I’d be happy either way.

    Although, I read (and I could be wrong) that it’s rumored that there might not actually be Catwoman in this one, just plain ol’ Selina Kyle. Which is a shame, because I’d love to see her don the leather suit. Me-ow!

  2. I wonder if that would be warner brothers trying to do a spin-off movie with Anne Hathaway as Catwoman? Maybe she takes a cue from Bruce and decides to don a suit and help protect the city? I have no idea. I cannot imagine what reason there would be to have Selina Kyle in the film, and not Catwoman. Especially when you cast Anne Hathaway, she was designed to wear tight leather.

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