Buncha Bullshit

tell me how fair this is?  i just found out that i did not get paid holiday pay for january 7th!  yeah, that is christmas for most of us real christians!  i am a proud ethiopian orthadox man.  i am a 47 year old temp workin at shitty blog that does nothing but post pictures of girls and random videos.  all i asked the boss was if jan 7 was going to count for a time and a half day and the bossman tells me NO!  BULLSHIT!

well jokes on him, i sat around here all day doin nothin.  i made this pretty sweet self portrait on microsoft paint.  it is damn near perfect.

well before i leave here i just wanted to let all you peoples know it was alotta fun workin here at ngewosworld.  i hope i get a chance to do it again.  the bossman is better and he should be back to work on monday.  he swears that he has all sorts of fun and exciting things in store for everyone.  i doubt it though, the dude seems like a douchebag. 

i guess ill just go back to the temp agency and wait for another job to open up.

–lance the temp