I just finished the first season of Community and I can definitely see why Warming Glow always hypes up the show.  It is definitely one of the better shows out there.  Joel McHale is hilarious, which is not shocking, since he is so funny on The Soup.

I am sure most of you know the premise of the show.  Joel stars as Jeff Winger, a lawyer who must go to community college to earn his bachelor degree since he received a fake one from another country.  He gets involved with a study group of very different people.  Winger is cocky and completely above being at this school.  His main goal at the beginning of the show is to bang Brita, the hot girl who seems to be the hipster chick.

Anyways, without giving you a bunch of bios and explaining who every character is, allow me to say that this show is almost as funny as It’s Always Sunny, but it also has touching moments, plus we see the characters grow and change for the better (which is not a knock on Always Sunny, those characters seem to grow in reverse, which is hilarious).

One of the coolest things about the show is the way the characters can either work as an entire group or they can split off.  Jeff and Annie can have an adventure, Troy and Brita, Shirley and Annie…which is one of the cool things about a good group dynamic.  Troy and Abed are probably the funniest moments of the show.

I also love how they have allow the characters to change.  I wonder if this happens during the writing or if after they film a few episodes they start to see something?  For example, at the beginning Jeff is all about Brita (there are going to be some spoilers, so you should stop reading), and then he starts dating his teacher.  Then there is the kiss with Annie and his protective side of her regarding guys.  That is why the ending of the first season is such a great moment.  The hot teacher and Brita both proclaim their love for Jeff.  He walks out of the gymnasium and runs into Annie, who decides not to go to Delaware with Vaughn.  She and Jeff kiss and the season ends.  It was such a great moment.  Mainly because Alison Brie is sooooo hot.

5 thoughts on “Community

  1. This is definitely a great show, probably my third favorite on Thursday night behind 30 Rock Parks and Recreation (they are all good, even Outsourced has its moments).

    Allison Brie is definitely super hot, but it is sometimes hard to believe she is playing an 18 year old… Also, Jillian Jacobs (Brita) is from Pittsburgh, so that is pretty cool.

    Season 2 is very good. They get very creative with their episodes, i.e. the zombie movie parody and the stop motion animating Christmas episode. Glad to have you on board!

  2. I think Parks and Rec will probably be the next one I check out. Ken Tremendous is one of the writers (Michael Schur actually), he was the guy who used to write

  3. It is definitely a good one. The first season was meh but the characters really started to come into their own in the next couple. Sort of like the Office with less Jim and Pam.

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