Droid X

Friday I decided to go look at new phones, since my new for two was up.  Lindsey just got a new phone and I was starting to feel a little jealous.

I was rockin’ the LG Dare, which at first seemed like a really cool phone.  It was all touch screeny and sexy like.  Then after about a month I came to a realization:  this phone blows.

When I bought it, there were supposed to be apps that would be coming out, but then that never happened (seriously, if I would check facebook online, it would say to download the app for the Dare, but then it would say not found…).  Also, I started to notice that I was not adapting to the touchscreen keyboard.  In fact, I was downright terrible with it.  Then a coworker got an iPhone and I asked if I could try to keyboard.  Guess what?  I could type on that one.  So, I reverted back to texting the old fashioned way, using the key pad.  “Hey whats up?”  Or in that language:  “4433999SPACE944287777SPACE887111”.  Jesus Christ that is time consuming.  But, if I used the keyboard, it would end up looking like “heu  qwhjats uop?”

Lindsey bought the Blackberry Torch and seemed to like it, so I did a little research.  I found that the Verizon Blackberry really was not as nice as her phone.  Also, it seemed like Droid was the way to go.  Which one though?  I read a bunch of reviews, and then I remembered that Greg wrote about a Droid recently and then again here.  I went to the store with the intention of just looking (even though my mind was pretty much made up).

Needless to say, just looking did not work out so well.  I played with it for about eleven seconds and decided that I wanted the Droid X.  I have used it a good bit for the first two days (I worked third shift, what else was I supposed to do, just kidding Work Overlords if you are reading).

The big fear I had was the keyboard, but it is big enough and the letters are spaced far enough apart that it is quite smooth to use.  I also was worried that I would not really put much use to apps (I make fun of the iPhone folks all the time).  I was completely wrong about making fun of them and now see that my life is better because of apps.  I have wanted either an mp3 player or satellite radio for my car for awhile now.  Well guess what?  I can use my phone now.  I can use Pandora or listen to ESPN Radio.  Also, it doubles as a GPS (in case I ever go somewhere).

I love that there are apps for my fantasy sports through Yahoo, I have not downloaded them yet, but I hope they allow me to check my teams (I cannot imagine what else they would be for).  Instead of going through ten screens to find the Pens score, I can just hit the Pens app and I know that they beat Boston 3-2.

The best thing though?  Bubble Breaker (or whatever it is called)!  This came with my old Motorola Q and I seriously played over 10,000 games.  It actually kept track of how many games you played, when I got jumped and lost the phone it had been around 4,000 and then on the second phone I played another 6,000.  It was so much fun.

Needless to say, I am definitely diggin’ the new phone.  Also, I really enjoyed this commercial when it came out (I wonder if it influenced my decision?)

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