Monday Funday

Lindsey and I had off Monday, and we decided that we had not been out drinking in a very long time.  We decided to go out to the YP in Ebensburg, which is not a bad bar.  The plan was to watch the Pens game and the Auburn/Oregon game.

We got there for the start of the Pens/Bruins game and ordered some beers and food.  The girl tells us that they will probably be switching to the football game, but she will keep the Pens on the TV towards the back.  These four old guys show up and set themselves up so they are facing the back TV and they are here for the football game.

When the national championship game starts, she switches the games as she said she would.  Needless to say, these guys were pretty pissed.  They were making comments about her being a bit of a retard.  It was mean, but really funny since it made no sense.  She could have made everyone happy by just letting it go.

The Pens game was hard to watch because it was so far away from us, and I got pretty into the football game.  All I know is that it was 2-0, then it was tied and then like two minutes later the Pens were losing 4-2.  Ugh.  Plus, I wanted Oregon to win.

Other than that though, we had a great time and got pretty drunk in the process.  Don’t we look so cute in our Pens jerseys?  The four older guys were pretty entertaining all night, they just kept busting on each other and making comments about Oregon’s snazzy shoes.  I would join into their conversation at times, but it was just more fun to sit there and laugh at them.

The top photo was taken by the bartender with Lindsey’s camera, the one to the right was taken with my phone by me.  Do we look somewhat drunk?