Taxes and Titans

Last night I decided to do two very torturous things to myself:  my taxes and watch Clash of the Titans.  Which should I start with, I will take the lesser of two evils:  taxes.

Last year I used TurboTax and it was a good experience, so I figured I would use it again.  One of the things I have discovered is that it does not matter that I give money to charity or that I save my receipts for my work shoes and clothes.  None of these things make my refund any different.

It is also so depressing to look at your gross pay and then see how much you lost in taxes.  This reminds me that I need to set up a 401K, might as well lose that money before the taxes come out.  Also, I wonder if I donate all my comics to charity, if I claim them will that affect my refund?  It would have to, right?

I do recommend using TurboTax if you have a simple tax return and want to get it done and over with.  My return should be in my account in the next eight to fourteen days.  And I have a few plans for that money, but more on that to come later in life.

Clash of the Titans
I heard this movie was terrible, but terrible does not do it justice.  I just did not understand why the hell they felt the need to take the story of Perseus and mangle it all up.  Why was Hades trying to kill Zeus?  In the original myth, Hades helps Perseus by giving him a helmet (or was it a cloak?) that makes him invisible.

I also hated how crappy the Djinn looked.  Wait, why were they even in the movie?  Why did the scorpion scenes feel like a rip-off from Transformers?  Oh, because it was pretty much identical.  And what the hell is Hollywood’s fascination with the kraken?  This was not the creature from the original myth, why would you change it?

The biggest irritation was the whole Io subplot.  Why was she even in this movie?  Io was turned into a cow after having sex with Zeus, then she went to Egypt (I cannot remember all her adventures, sue me).  Perseus is supposed to save Andromeda and then marry her.  Granted, I thought that Gemma Arterton was hotter than Alexa Davalos, but it seems like they needed to put a character in to help Perseus and did not want to use Athena (who helps Perseus in the myth).

I would try to say something good about the movie, but there was not that much.  I like Sam Worthington (he was great in Terminator Salvation) and I thought Medusa looked pretty good.  That was one scene where they bumped up the action and it actually was good.

Needless to say, I am glad I did not see this in the theater.  I would have probably got up halfway through and left.

Since I know you are asking who the girl to the left is, I figured I would make you all work it out.  Just kidding, this is Natalia Vodianova, she played Medusa.  Not going to lie, I would stare at her until I turned into stone.

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  1. Josh, i strongly recommend putting the money into your 401k. With the match it is the easiest way to get yourself a raise and some additional tax benefits.

    you should barely notice the difference in your pay. for instance, when I started my 401k, i lost about $65 every two weeks, but gained about $170 per week in tax-deferred income.

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