$100 Rebate

The other day I received my $100 rebate from Verizon for my new phone.  I decided to use it to buy a bunch of comics.  I know some people thought I was done reading comics, but that was quite far from the truth.  Who knew how many trades $100 could get you?  Let us have a look…

Superman Earth One
This is DC’s version of the Ultimate line from Marvel.  It is a retelling of the Superman origin.  Also, J. Michael Straczynski shows how Clark could have went out and done anything.  I really enjoyed the part where he tries out for a pro football team and then goes to a research company and solves some giant chem formula.  He really could do anything, yet he does not know what he wants in life.  It is his parents who want him to be Superman.

I am hoping that they continue doing these, I would love to see where this Superman goes.  I also heard they will do something similar with Batman and Wonder Woman.  Pretty good idea.  I only have one complaint about the book.  It was basically the same as Superman:  Birthright by Mark Waid.  Hell, even the idea of Superman facing off against an alien invasion connected to him being his first battle was the same (although in Birthright, the invasion was created by Lex Luthor).

Preacher:  Alamo
When I lived at State College Park, my roommate (Jackson) had all the Preacher trades and I read them in one night.  It was mind-blowing.  Over time I have picked up a volume here and there.  I just needed the final volume and figured I might as well pick it up.  I forgot how great it ends.  After all the crazy shit that happens, who knew that every character would have a mostly happy ending.

Green Lantern:  The Sinestro Corps War
Everyone always thinks that Green Lantern is my favorite superhero.  Probably because of the ring I used to wear.  Oddly enough, I never really read all that much GL.  I wanted to read all this stuff when it was coming out, but just did not have enough money.

It ended up being a pretty good book.  I am excited to continue reading the rest of this whole War of the Lanterns (or whatever it is called).  I do think that Geoff Johns may have come into my room one night when I was sleeping and read my mind.  Marty and I used to sit around at the Phyrst after those fun comic book club meetings and talk about ideas.  I came up with an idea of a new GL.  One that has the authority to use lethal force.  We also thought maybe he should be some kind of special all-sector lantern (we also tossed around the idea of him having a different color ring).  I even wrote down some notes about his first battle against someone like Darkseid or Mogul.  I also wrote in the notes how he should fight Superman (this was way before they brought back Superboy Prime) and figured it should be an epic battle and in the end, my GL would use his ring to synthesize Kryptonite to defeat him. So, Geoff, if you are reading this, or reading my mind, I have a few more ideas for you.

The Sword:  Earth/Air
This was the final two books from The Luna Brothers newest series.  Earth was pretty weak, but then the fourth book was pretty awesome.  I loved that in the end Dara became the hero yet she died without the sword.  I also loved how Malia came out and announced herself to the world and tried to get them to worship her.  The big reveal at the end was also pretty cool and at first I was going to be annoyed if Phaistos wanted to fight Dara, but him killing himself was a good ending.  For some reason I enjoy the Luna Brothers work.

The final volume of this saga was a letdown.  Or maybe I should reread the entire series to see if I like it.  At least the art was great.  I felt like the story became a little too odd.  The whole wearing the Metal Men as armor was just weird.

Anyways, this was a good way to spend $100 of free money.

3 thoughts on “$100 Rebate

  1. There was something about the Luna brothers art that put me off their work for a long time, but I loved Girls and The Sword once I read them. Now they’re two of my favorite limited series.

    I really want to get the Preacher hardcovers. Not sure if they’re all out yet or not, as I’ve only seen the first three in shops. I need to reread the series. I read most of it in trade before the series ended, then bought Alamo in singles. So it’s been what? a billion years since I’ve read it?

    “After all the crazy shit that happens, who knew that every character would have a mostly happy ending.” Even God himself. 😀

    You’re a big Ellis fan, right? You into Gravel? I love that book, but it never comes out. Breaks my heart.

  2. Jason…Have you read Ultra? A friend gave me that series and that is how I was introduced to the Luna Brothers.

    Haha, I guess it was a happy ending since God got what was coming to him. I still always picture God sounding like Jack from Will & Grace…

    Yeah I definitely like Gravel.

    Greg…i figured that was what people would think.

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