Girlfriend of the Week

Even though I never talk about it, one of my favorite shows is Justified.  Do you guys watch that show?  It is freakin’ awesome.  Anyways, not going to harp on how great it is, instead I am going to make Natalie Zea my GOTW.  She plays Raylan’s ex-wife, Winona.  I know that some people think that Ava was hotter (actually I do not understand it whatsoever), but I am much happier now that she is out of the picture (or with Boyd, whatever) and Raylan is focusing on banging Winona.  The best part about her being a more prominent character:  she walks around in just Raylan’s shirt and underwear a lot.  Definitely an added bonus to an already awesome show.

I also think she has very sexy eyes.  And great legs…and pretty much everything else.  Plus she is pretty funny at times.  Her and Raylan have a pretty good back and fourth.