Do you watch Justified?  You should.  It is such a good show.  Tonight’s episode did not disappoint.  First off, we get Dewey back, and his usual stupidity cracks me up.  Second, did Boyd finally slip back into his old ways at the end of the episode?

Allow me to give you some of the highlights:

-Dewey pretending to be Raylan in order to rob some guys who stole some pills.  As soon as it happened, I had to pause the episode in order to tell Lindsey of the idiotic things Dewey did last season.  My favorite:  getting his head slammed off the steering wheel…

-The crooked Bennett sheriff trying to hint to Raylan that he would be willing to help him move the Oxycontin.  How long will it be before Raylan decides to see what those hillbillies are up to?

-Art figuring out about Raylan and Winonona.  I loved how he hard he was laughing and saying how Raylan should sell tickets to the screw-ups in his life.

-I loved how Ava told Raylan how she can do whatever she wants.  Raylan, stick with Winona, she is hotter and much less of redneck.

-Boyd dragging the idiot down the road.  The look on his face was great.  I am betting he will soon fall back into his criminal ways.  Raylan is right to not trust Boyd’s recent change.

-I am ready for a war between the Dixie Mafia and the Bennett boys.  Naturally Boyd will somehow get involved, which will then drag Raylan into it.  I am sure it will turn into a bloody mess, and it will be awesome.

Anyways, here is something for the ladies…