Pens vs. Sabres Pt. One

For Christmas I bought my brother and his girlfriend tickets to a Pens game.  The game we got to go to was Friday night against the Buffalo Sabres.  The game was awesome (it was only my second game, and the first one was a loss), the Pens came back from a 2-0 deficit and won 3-2.  Allow me to take you on the journey…

We had talked about getting there pretty early so we could walk around and check the arena out, and maybe do some shopping at the Pens store.  Unfortunately, Adam could not get out of work early enough, so we did not get to the Consul Energy Center until about 6:45.

Our seats were pretty similar to the seats we had last time.  The reason for this is because I got the tickets off Brent Johnson’s wife (Danielle is Lindsey’s cousin).  We got seated and watched the last few minutes of pregame, and then the puck was dropped.  We were pumped.  Then Gaustad goes down and scores during the first 17 seconds of the game.  That kind of sucked.

Okay, no big deal.  Unfortunately the Sabres scored again around 7:00 minutes.  As the period came to an end, I started to wonder if I was just bad luck for the Penguins.  We went looking for a bathroom during intermission and we discovered a neat item.  Sprinkled around the place are some family restrooms (I am guessing for parents to take in small children).  There were lines for every regular bathroom, but nothing for this one.  So, I went on in.  It was fantastic (especially if you are someone who gets a little stage fright at a large public restroom).

The second period started out with Fleury in the goal right in front of us.  Adam made the prediction that all the goals would be scored at the opposite end.  After the way the game started, I figured we had nothing to worry about.  Then the Pens decided to start dominating.  They pretty much kept the puck on the Sabres end the entire second period (I think there were like six shots for the Sabres in the second period).

Dustin Jeffrey started it off by scoring around three minutes into the period.  Then it just got better.  Kennedy scored to tie it up and Matt Cooke put one in to take the lead about forty seconds later.  Needless to say, we were now completely pumped.  I took some video of the game, check it out.

Oh sorry, that is a video of my friend Jason’s adult league hockey.  That was not the Penguins.   Anyways, the third period saw the Penguins pretty much dominate again and we saw Malkin get hurt.  That sucked.  The Pens came away with a victory yet again.  Very awesome.

Fans were encouraged to bring their Terrible Towels to support the Steelers.  At the end of the first period (or was it the beginning of the second period?), they played Renegade, which got the crowd pumped up.  You can see the towels twirling.  We did not forget our towels.  Nope.  Some idiot did not carry them around and then get them inside the girl’s apartment we were staying, only to set them down for a second and forget them.  I swear.  That would never happen.

At least we looked good in our jerseys.  We had the goal of getting a picture of the four of us at the game.  We failed at that one too.  I am pretty shitty at the whole picture thing.

This is part one of a two part post.  Who knows when the second part will come though…