Super Bowl XLV

I figured I could not take any chances and perhaps jinx the Steelers, I decided to go to Mugshots to watch the game.  I figured it worked out well last time…By now you know the outcome, the Packers won the game.  Congratulations to them, they played a great game.

Lindsey and I got to Mugshots around 4:30 and hung around outside with MCA (Sean), playing catch and a little cornhole.  The place was packed inside and we found a place to stand (almost the same place I stood last time).  As the game was about to start, Danny (the guy who runs the bar) played Renegade.  I tried to take a video of it, hope it came out okay.

-I have heard a lot of people saying that the game was fixed.  That the league did not want the Steelers to win the game because of Ben’s off the field issues and the way the defense likes to hit people (mainly Harrison).  I do not believe that, but it did feel like the Packers were getting away with a few holding calls (or could it be that as a fan, I notice it more against my team than when my team does it?)  I suppose it will be one of those things I will have to watch another time and be more objective.  I have watched Super Bowl XL again and seen all the poor calls that Seattle fans bitched about.

-I feel like the Steelers should have kept running the ball.  They seemed like they were looking for the big play.  Also, the defense seemed very flat.  Was Troy at 100%?  The final two games he just did not seem to be there.

-The game seemed so surreal.  I (and probably everyone else) expected Ben to lead the Steelers down the field on that final drive and win the game.  When they turned it over on downs at the end, it was the first moment all night where I went “oh shit, we are not going to win this game.”

-I do not care about talking about the idiot screwing up the national anthem.  Nor do I care about the half-time show.  Or the commercials.

-Dallas did a great job of hosting a Super Bowl though.  I mean, the city forgot to check the weather and order salt.  The stadium screwed up a bunch of people’s tickets.   And there was a stripper shortage.  And people think State College would be able to handle a Super Bowl if it were the Steelers/Eagles.

-Do you remember my NFL predictions?  I picked the Packers to be a wild card team and beat the AFC North team in the Super Bowl.  How awesome am I?  Oh and I said that the AFC Championship game would be the North champ beating the Jets.  It does not matter that I picked the Ravens to win the division (I never pick the Steelers).

And now for some pictures…

I have no idea why I took this picture.  I think it was after a random stop.
Lindsey decked out in her scarf.  She wore it all game.  Odd.
MCA looking nervous at kickoff.  People think he was just this way because it was the Super Bowl, but he gets like this for preseason games as well.
MCA and I before the game started.  We looked much sadder and much drunker later.