After the Trial

This is something new I plan on doing every so often.  I will take a movie and write about where they are nowadays.  No, not the actual actors, but the characters.  My blog, my idiotic ideas.

Primal Fear
I really like this movie.  I do not think there are many people out there who can say they actually foresaw the ending.  What do you think those characters have been up to since that trial?  Let us take a look.

Martin Vail
Poor Marty:  he realizes too late that there is no multiple personality disorder, and that Aaron is just a psychopath who murdered the Bishop (and Linda, the girl from the video) and will eventually be released from a mental hospital and be free to kill again.

At first things went okay for Martin, he and Janet got together and she eventually became a partner at his firm.  As time went on, he continued to think about Aaron and constantly monitored his whereabouts.  He even went so far as visiting a city where Aaron was living and going to the police off the record about Aaron.  Unfortunately, Aaron found out about it and sued Martin.  This caused Martin to be disbarred.  He now writes crime novels and is an alcoholic.

Janet Venable
Since she lost her job with the District Attorney’s office, she ended up going to work with Martin.  They eventually started dating again and he made her a partner in his firm.  Once he became obsessed with Aaron, she dumped him and focused on expanding the firm.  She brought in more attorneys and it quickly became one of the biggest firms in Chicago.

Once Martin was disbarred, she took over the firm completely and eventually brought in two more partners.  She is currently living in Hawaii.  She no longer practices, but is still a senior partner.  Occasionally she pops into the office to basically scare the crap out of everyone.  She is considered a legend in Chicago legal circles.

Aaron Stampler
He spent his time in the mental hospital, getting treated for multiple personality disorder.  He took the drugs they prescribed and after about six months the doctors decided he was getting better and released him.  The court put him on probation for the next three years and said he was not allowed to leave the city without permission.

After his probation ended he decided to move to Boston.  This is the point when Martin started following Aaron because he believed he would kill again.  Aaron quickly realized something was amiss and filed charges against Martin for harassment.  He then learned that Martin disclosed information about him that violated the attorney-client privilege.

Aaron stayed in Boston for a few years, but he knew that he would not be able to kill in the city.  The police kept an eye on him.  Apparently they believed Martin and did not like anyone who could kill a Catholic Bishop, even if he was a sexual deviant.  Hell, Boston is full of pervert priests, does not mean people should go around killing them, right?

Anyways, Aaron decided to move west, out to Seattle.  Martin never knew about the move and the police did not care once he was outside of the city.  He soon began murdering people in the city.  This time though, he did not get caught.  Unfortunately, his reign of terror did not last long.  He died of a brain aneurysm in ’09.  Martin Vail does not know this.


These two decided to quit working for Martin once Janet came into the picture.  They did not like the way she wanted to do things.  They formed a private investigation firm and still did plenty of work for Vail & Venable, but at a much steeper rate.

They started dating and eventually got married.  They are happily married to this day.  They have three kids.  Martin eventually tasked them with keeping tabs on Aaron, which they refused.  Goodman is still friends with Vail, but does not indulge in his fantasies.

Naomi never believed Marty about Aaron and continuously drifted further away from him.  She eventually became friends with Janet and helped her win some very high profile cases.


The dickhead District Attorney, who had a little business venture with the Bishop that turned south when the Bishop decided to start caring about inner-city folks losing their homes.  He continued to make shady business deals and finally got caught.  He ended up losing his job and decided to take his own life (instead of being killed by the shady businessmen he owed money to).  Martin peed on his grave once during a drunken night.

Bud Yancy

This guy ended up on a flight from Sydney to Los Angeles…

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