Fantasy Baseball Draft Results: Hitters

As I said before, I would go through each team and discuss their lineups.  I will use their projected stats to see how each team stacks up against each other.  The projections I used come from fangraphs (Rotochamp’s projections). 

Here are the totals after I punched in everyone’s current starting lineups:

I then decided to assign a 12 to 1 point scale for each category.  This is how each team finished.

My Team

 I really thought my team would be a little bit higher than this.  I am very strong in the power department, but bad at the rate categories.

I also thought I did a good job of drafting for stolen bases, but I guess I was wrong.  I could probably trade someone for a high average/OBP guy.


 Considering that James autodrafted his team, pretty impressive that his is projected number one.

He counters a low average power-hitter, with a high average SB guy.  Very lucky how that worked out.  I honestly do not believe that Mark Reynolds will hit .230 as they projected.  I also could see Aubrey Huff having a bit of a regression from last season.


High average and high RBIs. I do believe his team has the most favorable projections.  It almost seems like rotochamp does not show much regression for some of the older players.

I could also see some health issues working against Offord.  Manny/Pedroia/Konerko…can they all stay healthy?

In all honesty though, I like his lineup.


I would almost guarantee that Ryan believes his team is the best in the land.  It is funny when you look at his team and Offord’s.  Ryan has a few great categories and then some very mediocre categories.  Offord is a nice steady 7 except for two dominating categories.  Interesting.

I honestly think he could afford to make a trade to try and pick up a power-hitter who will drive in some runs.  Aside from Pujols, he has no one that is a candidate for 100 RBIs.  Also, he has three guys projecting for an OBP over .400. 


Another auto-drafted team.  He fared pretty well.  Maybe I should do this from now on…


I really think Gideon’s team is pretty underrated.  A bunch of these guys are projected a little lower than I expected.

Since this is a head-to-head league, I could see Gideon’s team just stomping people in three categories each week and then squeaking out stolen bases and another one.

I am going to keep going, but I may not comment on every team.


Power, not much else.  That is what I would expect from auto-drafting. 


I love that outfield…


I would have been pissed if the team that is starting Mike Aviles, Ryan Doumit, Juan Pierre, and Ben Zobrist would have been projected higher than me.



Keep drafting Orioles Dan!  Also, Soto and Wieters in your lineup?  Great strategy.


I do not think the projections were kind to his team at all.  Nice batting average though.  If I were Imler, I might start trying to make some moves.

So there are the teams.  Should be an interesting season.  Obviously projections are never 100% accurate, but it is nice to see where you might need help.  We look at pitching tomorrow maybe.

6 thoughts on “Fantasy Baseball Draft Results: Hitters

  1. I’m fine with everything about my team save for maybe draft order. I think I definitely could’ve gotten Uribe and Infante in later rounds. And I’m glad my team is predicted to perform ok in every category I drafted for (I paid no attention to OBP).

    My pitchers are sorely lacking in the K department, though I think that could change wildly year on year.

  2. I was ssurprised by the weak projections for my team. I knew that I would have good pitching. I focused on starting pitching, since last season I lost a lot because I did not get enough stats from starting pitching.

    i also stopped chasing the long ball this year. we’ll see how the season works out. i took some risks and hope that it comes out positive.

    the goal is to beat kearney and shelly. one so i don’t have to hear any more bragging and the other so i don’t have to hear any more bragging and pay for a pedicure…

    i have yet to finish better than 2nd in these things… looking forward to a good year. already trying to make some moves.

  3. You guys act like I’m a huge braggart! I only talk about things that have actually transpired…such as I HAVE ACTUALLY won 2 of these in a row, and the year before that I was the runner up. I haven’t really said anything about this season yet, except that I am going for 3 and you all should beware the lovely view of my white irish ass!

  4. Will there be a plunger hanging out of that white irish ass? Just kidding…

    I guess we are all just a little bit jealous of your talent.

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