Fantasy Baseball Draft Results: Pitchers

Unlike the hitters, this one is not really as fair.  Some teams drafted more hitters, so I had to take the average team’s number of pitchers.  It worked out to nine pitchers for each team.  Those that only had eight were at a slight disadvantage.  Also, none of the project sites had holds, so I just took the last year numbers.  I do not plan on showing you every team, but I will show mine.

The Projected Stats

Wow, Shelly is rocking the pitching.  Same with Imler (maybe they had similar strategies…)  I am shocked with how low Offord and Ryan rank through the projections.  I think the pitchers were projected very low.  Offord has a very good pitching staff, so his could be the one to shock us all.

My Pitchers

I like my team.  I really thought they would have ended up being ranked much higher.  Apparently I was wrong.  Brandon Webb kills my projections.  Three wins?  If he goes on the DL, I will pick up wins from someone else.  Also, I already dropped a few guys and picked up Carl Pavano and Bronson Arroyo.  Not the greatest pitchers, but at least can get me some wins.

Anyways, I added up the totals (you could do the same thing as well if you want to look at the other post and add the scores together)…and here are the results.

I will be money that neither James nor Shelly win the league this year.  James will probably stop paying attention in about two weeks.  Shelly is a girl, what does she know about baseball…(yes, I am just being a jerk since she is the feminist that criticized my comments about boobs).

My initial response after the draft was that Ryan had the best team.  Odd that in the end we have the same numbers. 

The draft is only phase one of a successful season.  Now the season starts and most of us will make idiotic decisions (or great decisions).  Someone will drop a guy like Mark Texeira who starts out hitting .185 and decides to pick up Lyle Overbay because he hit two homers in three games…

Plus there are injuries all season to deal with.  There are rookies who come into the league and give everyone a hard-on and then hit .227 for the rest of the year (I am looking at you Jay Bruce…)

Good luck to every team!  Let us have a fun and competitive season!