More Crazy Religious People

I had an amusing encounter with a crazy religious person yesterday.  Sadly it was at work and I could not answer him truthfully without getting into trouble.  Also, he was about 80 years old and had a bit of a slobbering problem.  Here is our conversation:

Me:  How was everything today?
Nutjob:  Good, now can I ask you a question?
Me:  Sure.
Nutjob:  Where will you go when you die?
Me:  Umm, most likely in the ground.  (At this point, I know where this is going.)
Nutjob:  The choices are heaven and hell.
Me:  Hmm, well I don’t know sir.
Nutjob:  Do you accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior?
Me:  Uhhh, I don’t know.  I’ll do my best to try.
Nutjob:  Your best is not good enough and you cannot try.  Jesus died for yours and my sins.  Only when we repent completely can we enter the kingdom of heaven.
Me:  Well that sounds nice.  Ummmmm, well have a nice day sir.

Honestly, the whole thing was quite awkward.  I really wanted to tell him I was an atheist, but I thought it might cause him to have a heart attack.  Also, I could picture him calling our corporate headquarters and complaining about them having an evil atheist manager working for them.  My luck I would get fired over it.  At least he was not nearly as bad as the guy from two years ago

Why is it that Christians (and other religions) can get away with saying things like this?  I hope that when Zombie Jesus returns, he eats these assholes first.