Myspace Blogposts Part Five

I am about to delete my myspace account, but I figured I would share with you some of blog posts I wrote on there.  Do not judge me.

Eating The Souls of Small South American Monkeys

Yesterday I woke up to find my apartment completely gone.  Not destroyed mind you, just missing, disappeared.  A figment of my imagination.  At that point I did the only thing one can do in said situation.  I walked away.

I decided to walk south.  Why south you ask?  Well, why not?  Along the way, I met many interesting people, and soon they began to join my ranks and followed me to my destination:  Corpus Christi, Texas.

Outside of the city we camped, preparing our weapons for the assault.  My army numbered around 20,000.  The cities walls and defenses would easily be overrun.  I am sure you are wondering where the weapons came from and the only answer I have is that this is my story and stop asking so many damn questions.

The battle did not last very long, and soon the city was left in ruins.  The people of Corpus Christi would have been better served remembering their history:  invaders always come from the North.  Let this be a warning to everyone out there.