Myspace Blogposts Part Four

I am about to delete my myspace account, but I figured I would share with you some of blog posts I wrote on there.  Do not judge me.

What am i reading?

Marvel’s Civil War
Here is the story so far.  The Warriors have a reality TV show in which they capture supervillians, but since they are not powerful heroes, they only go after minor villains.  But, when they come across a house of villians that are extremely powerful, they decide to attack them.  Long story short, the villian known as Nitro emits a blast so powerful that it kills most of the town, about 800 people, including a playground of about 60 kids.  After this happens people want superheroes to register.  The government starts working on the Superhero Registration Act (much like the Mutant Registration Act), which would force superheroes to register with SHIELD and become paid government employees.  Some heroes are all for it, while others are against.  Iron Man goes on TV and shows his support for the project and then unmasks himself to the media, saying he is Tony Stark.  The head of SHIELD asks Captain America if the bill is passed will he be able to take down the heroes who resist.  Cap tells them he will not arrest anyone because he does not agree with the law, he says it is unAmerican.  When they try to arrest him, he escapes and begins recruiting soldiers to his camp.  The heroes he finds on his side, are the ones like Luke Cage, Daredevil, Falcon, the Young Avengers, Cable, and Goliath.  Iron Man has an advantage, he is able to appeal to the scientific heroes, such as Mr. Fantastic, Yellow-Jacket (Hank Pym), or to heroes like Ms. Marvel and Wasp, who are used to taking orders or being public heroes.  At the end of the second issue, we know that Cap and Iron Man have both talked to Spider-Man.  On the final page, Spider-Man comes to a press conference with Iron Man and unmasks himself, admitting to the world that he is Peter Parker.  In the third issue Cap’s team is out fighting, not the other good guys, but instead still fighting crime.  When they intercept a distress call about a fire they immediately respond, but they find that it is a trap.  Iron Man offers amnesty if they surrender, he says he just needs 5 minutes to explain everything to Cap.  Cap agrees and shakes his hand, but instead places an object on IM’s palm.  The device was designed to shut down IM’s suit if he ever went rogue.  While he is down the battle begins, but since IM powers back up and begins kicking Cap’s ass.  As Hercules and a few others go to rescue Cap, the commander of SHIELD gives orders to release a secret weapon, we see a bolt of lightning and then the last page shows Thor, who has been dead for over two years.
Okay so that was my quick synopsis of the story so far, haha.  Now my thoughts on it.  I absolutely love it.  There is conflict between friends, even between family.  Wolverine hates the idea of the registration, he doesn’t understand why people are not out trying to punish Nitro, he makes it his personal mission to kill Nitro.  Reed Richards is helping Tony develop something crazy, maybe a super prison, who knows, but Sue hates it.  She saw what happened to her brother Johnny after Stamford (the town destroyed).  He was outside a club, and people attacked him for being a hero, called him a babykiller.  Many of the resistance fighters believe the government will start using them as weapons, since they will be employed by SHIELD.  The X-Men want to stay out of it, but eventually something will change (I’m guessing Cyclops would lend support to Cap, since the SHRA is like Mutant Registration Act, and mutants hated that idea.)….McNiven’s artwork is fantastic.  This is definitely a book you should check out.
Here is a book you should not even waste your time with.  Squadron Supreme.  This is a remake, or revamp of the original.  The idea is that the superheroes (who resemble the JLA) use their powers to take over the world and create a utopia, but sometimes they go a bit too far.  In the new book, J. Michael Strysynkakdivn (i can’t spell it, JMS), basically rewrites Rising Stars, with different characters.  I enjoyed the first part of the book, just called Supreme, but now, eh, it’s grown tiresome. I’d delve deeper into it, but just trust me, read Rising Stars, read the original, and then combine them….