Myspace Blogposts Part One

I am about to delete my myspace account, but I figured I would share with you some of blog posts I wrote on there.  Do not judge me.

Rising Stars

Okay, so a coworker let me borrow J. Michael Straczynski’s Rising Stars.  I finished reading books 1-3 and was quite impressed.  the only things of his i had read were Midnight Nation (Excellent) and Supreme.  Now i originally liked supreme, which was a remake of the 80’s book Squadron Supreme.  after reading rising stars i now realize that JMS just reincorporated the same ideas of that book and made supreme with new characters.  it makes me not want to read supreme anymore.  okay, so the superheroes make the world a better place. they stop being reactive, they become proactive.  what if every book alan moore wrote was just like watchmen? or all warren ellis books were basically transmetropolitan?
the state of comics right now is weird. there is so much potential for good and yet so much potential to screw it up.  DC has already started going downhill. they were in the right direction after identity crisis.  writers could have built off that, but no, DC jumped right into a megaevent (Infinite Crisis).  it seems like a great idea, but its not. i’m unimpressed.  then we have marvel, i’m not sure, but they have huge events going all over the place, the civil war idea sounds cool, but it could really turn out to be crappy. who knows though…but then there are still the people who keep me happy:  warren ellis, grant morrison, bk vaughn, bendis (although his departure from DD was a sad day, lets see if brubaker can live up to it), millar…
in fact here is a small list of books i am reading that you should be:
Nextwave, Blackgas, Planetary, any Ultimate books, Daredevil (brubakers first issue was good…), Red Sonja, Conan, any of the Seven Soldier books, walking dead, fell, desolation jones, 100 bullets, fables, y:the last man, american virgin…
okay i’ll stop there. tomorrow i will probably by last weeks comics and hopefully get a post to everyone about what i felt for some of the books.  also, if you know anyone interested in comics, tell them to read what i am saying. hopefully in the future i can put down more about different comics, but right now i just felt like something small to start. also i enjoy hearing what others are reading. i want this to be a discussion, tell me the books you enjoy, should i read them?